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The Canadian Obesity Network Students and New Professionals (CON-SNP) is a division of the Canadian Obesity Network (CON) which serves as the conduit through which students and new professionals (within 5 years of their last degree) can connect across disciplines for the advancement of obesity education, research, treatment, and management.

CON-SNP is an important avenue for early-career networking, relationship building, fostering research collaborations, mentorship and professional development opportunities for young trainees. Membership in CON-SNP is pivotal to the growth and career development of any trainee involved in obesity-related research, practice, policy and/or industry. It should be an established presence across the country to help connect students and new professionals with an interest in obesity.

CON-SNP mission statement: To provide students and new professionals the forum to build, maintain, and refine networking and professional development skills that are integral in pursuing a career related to obesity in academic, community, and/or industry settings, as well as advance awareness of CON.

CON-SNP is composed of over 1,200 undergraduate, Master’s, Doctoral, Postdoctoral students and new professionals in academia, industry, healthcare and government agencies across Canada. CON-SNP has an established presence in 25 local chapters in post-secondary institutions across the country. Each of these local chapters aims to increase membership across disciplines, strengthen the network of future practitioners, researchers, and industry professionals, as well as advance awareness of CON-RCO and its mission. To achieve these goals, local CON-SNP members organize a variety of initiatives: journal clubs, conferences, guest lectures from internationally-renown speakers, public outreach events on popular obesity-related topics, fundraisers and physical activity events/ challenges at their local institutions. Visit News/Events to see the latest news and events from our local members.

To support local initiatives, CON-SNP offers chapter grants (Guest Speaker Grant and Startup Grant) and individual awards (Rising Star Award, Chapter Champion Award, Dr. Lyon Travel Award, Dr. Ian Janssen Award, conference oral and poster presentation awards) that recognize outstanding trainees. See CON-SNP Awards and Grants that you can apply for as a CON-SNP member.

Every two years, a CON-SNP chapter hosts and organizes the Canadian Obesity Student Meeting (COSM), a student conference, which attracts over 200 students and new professionals from across the country. The conference showcases the most recent research progress made by CON-SNP trainees in the areas of obesity prevention, treatment, and management and provides innumerable networking opportunities. COSM is an exceptional professional development opportunity for students interested in learning the logistics of conference planning, compiling a scientific program, and organizing social and networking events. The 1st Canadian Obesity Student Meeting was held at Universite Laval in 2008 and has since been hosted by the University of Ottawa (2010), University of Alberta (2012) and most recently, by the University of Waterloo in 2014. See CON conferences

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