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Partnership Guiding Principles

All CON-RCO’s activities are project based, scientifically sound and not sponsor specific.
  1. The relationship shall support CON-RCO’s Vision, Mission and Strategic goals.
  2. The relationship shall not contravene CON-RCO’s by-laws or Federal Acts and Regulations.
  3. The Sponsor/Partner is taking steps to support the health of Canadians.
  4. CON-RCO will not endorse a commercial product or service. 
  5. No relationship shall interfere with the right of CON-RCO to enter into another.

Partnership Goals
CON-RCO’s Strategic Partnership Program seeks to provide corporate, not-for-profit and institutional partners the opportunity to add their voice, insights and energies to a coherent effort to address obesity. By partnering with a broad range of obesity stakeholders, CON-RCO aims to:
  1. Reduce weight bias and discrimination;
  2. Change how health professionals and decision makers think about and address obesity; and,
  3. Improve access to care for obese and overweight Canadians.
How to Partner
Please contact:

Managing Director
Phone: 1-780-492-2493

Meet all of our partners

Help Build A National Strategy on Obesity

Your organization has a key role to play in the prevention and treatment of obesity in Canada, one of the most pressing health issues of our times.

The Canadian Obesity Network – Réseau canadien en obésité (CON-RCO) can link you to a community dedicated to reducing the mental, physical and economic burden of obesity on Canadians.

"In 2012 the IASO (International Association for the Study of Obesity) Executive Committee unanimously voted to accept CON-RCO as a new National Association Member of IASO. The IASO, is the global umbrella organisation for 52 national obesity associations, representing 56 countries and we are proud to represent Canada on the international stage."

By partnering with CON-RCO, you will support the efforts of obesity researchers, health professionals, policy makers and other stakeholders across Canada. You will also be connected to institutions, professional organizations and obesity initiatives that are working together to reduce duplication and increase impact through a coherent effort.

As the voice of obesity in Canada, CON-RCO has trained more than 3,000 health professionals on key issues related to obesity management, launched two widely used literature alerting services, published an award-winning magazine (CONDUIT), organized Canada’s only recurring scientific conference dedicated to obesity, and much more.

No organization can achieve these goals alone, but with your help – and because of your
demonstrated commitment to every Canadians’ health and well-being – CON-RCO can lead the way.

CON Corporate Partner Program (pdf)