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The CON-SNP Pedometer Challenge - March 13-19, 2017

The Pedometer Challenge is a one-week long event, which aims to promote physical activity, networking, and of course some friendly competition between the CON-SNP chapters across Canada. 

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Update March 29, 2017

We would like to thank you all for participating in the National Pedometer Challenge this year. We had over 200 individuals submitting their step counts so thank you all for participating! It was great staying engaged with you all over the week and seeing how active you all are. The Chapter winner for this challenge is CON-SNP Waterloo! We will also be awarding prizes to the four individuals with the highest step counts for the week. The highest step count was an incredible 294 000 steps for the week! Prizes were also awarded to those who engaged with us on social media. The names of all the winners are listed below:

Chapter Winner 

  • CON-SNP Waterloo

Social Media Winners

  • Naté-Janine Williams
  • Henry Huang 
  • Faisal Atakora
  • Katrina Armstrong
  • Joanna Sinn 

Individual Step Winners

  • Marina Heroux
  • Stephanie Nishi
  • Brian Doue
  • Stephanie Truelove