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SPOTLIGHT - York Chapter

Tips for keeping the momentum going year to year

What is the vision of your CON SNP chapter?

Our vision is to promote greater community involvement and dissemination of quality obesity information.

Who is on your executive, and what are their roles?

Rebecca Christensen – Chair

Sukhleen Deol – Vice Chair

Kathy Do – Chief Financial Officer

Lilian Raiber and Arsh Randhawa – External Affairs and Communication director

Naseem Saghi – Administrative Director

Hoda Ghaziaskar – Undergraduate Representative

Thiru Kanagasabai – Outgoing Chair

Chris Ardern – Faculty Advisor

What events have you held this year, and what else does your chapter have planned for 2015-2016?

  • So far this year, we have held:
    • A talk on the association between sleep and obesity
    • A talk on the obesity (fit/fat) paradox, and how medication can actually make you sicker
  • Still to come:
    • Life after university
      • A talk about potential career paths from obesity professionals from previous graduate students
    • De-stress during exams
      • An event that will allow students to de-stress during exams through non-obesogenic ways such as through physical activity
    • Pitch Perfect
      • Creating interdisciplinary groups, and having them create their best pitch to address obesity in Canada
    • York wide pedometer challenge
    • Obesity documentary and group discussion
    • How to write a resume workshop
    • Non-obesogenic snacks during exam period

Which event has been most successful in the past?

The pedometer challenge has consistently been our most successful event. I think this is due to the fact that we encourage all members from the York community to participate (Staff, faculty, and students) as well as provide a lot of flexibility for how individuals want to participate (i.e. in groups or solo, as well as allowing people to track their steps through a variety of methods).

How do you keep the momentum going from year to year?

We are able to keep our momentum going thanks to the exuberance and commitment from past and current CON-SNP@York members. We provide new graduate students with the opportunity to learn about the current research and advances in the field of obesity. This not only allows students to have better knowledge on the topic, but many of them can incorporate obesity into their own research. As such, this provides the club with members who are heavily involved and committed. Every year, we like to bring back the most successful events, such as the pedometer challenge, in order for everyone to stay involved in the club – it allows people to look forward to their favourite events every year!  

Do you have any tips to share with new and existing chapters?

               The most important thing is finding people who are excited about CON-SNP’s mission and vision. It is really obvious when people genuinely care about an organization, and this feeling is often contagious. Further, don’t be discouraged by low attendance or participation for your events when you are just starting out, it can take awhile to make a name for you on campus and get the momentum going. As long as you keep that excitement and passion for the organization up, you will soon see many more enthusiastic faces in your events to come. Don’t forget to advertise your club. Due to time constraints, people may not go out of their way to look for clubs to get involved with. Making your name known to graduate and undergraduate students will give people more opportunities to join the club, or at the very least, attend an event or two. 

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