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SNPets: News from the CON-SNP Chair

Greetings SNPs,

It’s been a while, we’ve missed you! So much has happened from Sept to Nov, 2015. Here’s a quick recap of your feed these past few months:




  • CON-SNP had their first leadership teleconference with all the local chapter leaders
  • Long-term weight loss is almost not possible, so what can we do as CON-SNP?
  • The negative impact of weight discrimination, how can CON-SNP share this message?

This month, the National Executive is pleased to announce our theme of weight bias and stigma on our blog. We have two contributing writers this month, who are not only experts in the field but who are also actively conducting research in reducing weight discrimination through evidence-based interventions and public health messaging. Check them out!

So what are some ways to combat weight discrimination?

Studies show that the media is an especially pervasive source of stigmatization against people living with obesity. There are 2 ways CON-RCO is educating their network.

1) Using People-first language: the practice of respectfully addressing people with a chronic disease, rather than labeling them by their illness.

Obesity Action Coalition provides a great resource about using people-first language and examples of how we would address people appropriately. For example, using:

 “The man with diabetes was elderly” instead of “The diabetic man was elderly”
“Individuals affected by schizophrenia are considered to have a mental illness” instead of “Schizophrenics have a mental illness”

As you can see, these statements provide clear examples of People-First language and they DO NOT label someone by their disease.

2) Using non-stigmatizing photos/images: how many times have we seen that photo of a lower body and a measuring tape around it? I highly doubt this is how anyone walks around and requests to be photographed.

The CON-RCO website has an image library that provides non-stigmatizing pictures. It is FREE for anyone to use.

CON-SNPs, what are some other ways for us to combat weight discrimination?

Let us know your thoughts! Better yet, why not tell us via a blog piece?

Email us at con.snp@gmail.com for your comments or to write your own piece!

On another note, I am so excited to be serving as your 2015-2016 Chair and I want to hear from you! My job as Chair involves working closely with each CON-SNP National Executive member to strategize ways in addressing your needs and engaging our CON-SNP community. So tell us, what else can we do to support you as a CON-SNP?

Until next time,

--- Rebecca