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How to Start a New SNP Chapter

1. Let us know you're interested!
E-mail us at CON.SNP@gmail.com

2. Become familiar with CON and CON-SNP (Read this HOW to guide in English OR How to guide in French)

3. Find a Faculty Advisor

4. Set up a CON-SNP email for your university chapter

5. Establish an Executive Committee'

• Recruit interested students by sending out announcements through:
     • University Listservs & websites (Tip: get in touch with graduate faculty
     • Personally approaching fellow students with an interest in obesity
• Planning to host an initial event to recruit members is a very good idea!

6. Register as an official club at your university
• This is often through the Student Union or the Graduate Students Association
• Write your Terms of Reference - click HERE for an example.

7. Have regular Executive Committee meetings 
• Use these meetings to plan your year, organize events, etc.

8. Organize events 
• People like food! Provide lunch/healthy snacks/refreshments
• Advertise event – listservs, posters, webpages (CON-SNP page)
• CON & CON-SNP pamphlets available to hand out at events - ask us for them!
• Let CON-SNP know about your event! Fill out an Event form (found on CON-SNP website) for EACH event.

9. Funding 
• Obtain Funding:
      • $250 startup funding available through CON. Please email us to confirm the expenses we will cover BEFORE your event. Or, apply for the guest speaker grant! (application form)
     • Many universities have funding available for groups – search out the deadlines.
     • Approach sponsors for monetary/food donations (a guide for ethical partnerships can be found HERE)
     • Fundraising events (e.g., healthy bake sale)
• Track expenses and save all receipts

10. Be creative and have fun!

11. Keep in touch with the National Executive. We love updates and photos!