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A Message from the Executive - December 2015

Advocacy can include many activities, but basically has the ultimate goal of influencing government or policy. Confused about what counts as advocacy? Same. Don’t worry, there’s a whole Wikipedia page devoted to clarifying this issue if you need a bit more info!

This means that everything we work on here at CON, and especially the efforts of all our CON-SNPers counts as advocacy and is super important on helping to change behaviour among the general population.

As a young CON-SNP, we wanted to share the gift of advocacy with our members and encourage you all to not only share the views and missions of CON within your work life, but also share these messages in your personal life. Advocacy is better communicated when it feels genuine, so you “gotta walk the walk if you’re gonna talk the talk.”

When you’re part of an organization as great as CON, advocacy also becomes really easy! CON provides an amazing network of support for professionals and the general public, so there’s really great information for pretty much everyone! There are also CON-SNP chapters across the country if you’re looking for a way to get involved, or have an idea for an event. If you don’t fall into the student or new professional category, professional chapters are also being started with the goal of hosting community wide events for the general public.

Not sure what you’re doing matters? It does! It matters to CON, since volunteers are the engine room of the CON organization, and it matters for you! Volunteering can help provide a sense of purpose, and connect you to others that share similar interests. Standing up for a cause you believe in can also help develop your character and teach you new things.