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Weighty Matters

Musings of an obesity medicine doc and certifiably cynical realist, Dr. Yoni Freedhoff.
The 2nd Myth of Modern Day Dieting: Scales Measure Health
The 1st Myth of Modern Day Dieting: It's About Willpower
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Juice is NOT a F@*#ing Fruit Part II
Saturday Stories: Best Diet, Failing Kids, and Parasites
Did You Know that Oreos Are Responsible for the World's Cocaine Supply?
Health Canada Allows Cupcakes to Claim They're a Source of Calcium and Iron
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Fundraising with Healthwashed Junk Food
Metabolically Healthy Obesity and the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
Talk About Commitment to a Low-Carb, Sugar Free Lifestyle
Saturday Stories: Saving Lives, Drug Prices, and Protein
Today Funny Friday Being Replaced by Awesome Science Friday!
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Guest Post: The Food Industry Understands Nudge Theory Too