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Weighty Matters

Musings of an obesity medicine doc and certifiably cynical realist, Dr. Yoni Freedhoff.
Serena Williams Joins Long List of Pro Athletes Shilling for Sugar Water
An Interesting Twist to the Epigenetic Theory of Obesity (in Rats)
Two Can Dine for $14.99? Please. Six Can Dine for $14.47.
Guest Post: Lifetime Peak Weight and the Risks of Obesity
Saturday Stories: Not Broken Science, First Nations, and Bingo
American Kids Try Global School Lunches
Jersey Colour May Trump Need for Food Industry Sport Sponsorship
Pepsi Targeting Kids And Promoting Their Own "Energy Balance" Nonsense
Guest Post: Food Policy is not About Sexy Results (by Dan Taber)
Book Review: Eat Like a Champion (A How To Feed Manual For Active Kids)
Saturday Stories: Palestinian Genocide, Iranian Anti-Semitism, and the Sabbath
Country Hip Hop the New Dance Craze
Guest Post: Dr. Kevin Hall Asks Is The Carbohydrate-Insulin Theory Dead?
This is How Coca-Cola Teaches "Energy Balance" to Kids
Ask a Coca-Cola Funded GEBN Scientist an Easy Question, Get a 560 Word Answer
Is The Obesity Society's Silence on Coca-Cola Due to Motivated Bias?
Saturday Stories: Running Shoes, Russian Maps, and "Lifestyle"
Artisanal Water - the Next Big Thing
How About a Feel Good Food Partnership for a Change?
The DAISY Foundation Partners with Cinnabon, Not For Dollars But For Actual Cinnabons
Why Does Ronald McDonald Keep Touring This Quebec Children's Hospital?
Canada's MS Society Sells A&W Burgers & Hosts Root Beer Chugging Contests
Saturday Stories: Deadly Sunscreen, Precision Medicine, And Onion Milk
"Technically it's Food". Arby's Has a Great Sense of Humour
MS Society of Canada also Encourages Drinking Maple Syrup to End MS