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Weighty Matters

Musings of an obesity medicine doc and certifiably cynical realist, Dr. Yoni Freedhoff.
What Do Dogs Do When Their Owners Leave Them Home Alone?
The Chair of Nutritional Sciences at UofT Says Canada's Food Guide Sucks
Weight Is the Wrong Measure for Physical Activity Interventions
Unless You're in an ER, if You Hear the Word "Detox", Run
The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's Disgraceful Fundraising
Saturday Stories: Mirna Valerio, Genohype, and Oliver Sacks
"Stop Pushing Gross Fruits and Vegetables on Your Kids"
3 Years of Telling People to Exercise More Doesn't Make Them Exercise More (at Least Not in Japan)
Dairy Queen Is Not A Partner in Health. Period.
St. Michael's Hospital Foundation Tells Patients Honey and Maple Syrup Are Healthy
New Obesity Study From the Annals of Idiotic Goalposts
Saturday Stories: Soda Taxes, Earthquakes, GMO Must Read, and Protein
I May Just Take Up Meditation!
Celebrity Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears Gives His Endorsement to Diluted Sugar Water
Yellowknife Police Handing Out McDonald's Happy Meals to Kids
Dairy Farmers Did Not Break Law by Stating Milk Products Prevent Colon Cancer
We Definitely Have a Nanny State - The Food Industry is Our Nanny
Saturday Stories: Cancer, Cancer, and False Balance
Babies React To UofT's Defence of Its Anti-Vaccination Course
Medicine Hat Ringette Association: Buy a Case of Chocolate Or Your Kid Can't Play
Success in Weight Management May Depend on the Embrace of Imperfection
There's No Realistic Amount of Exercise That Will Stop Weight Gain
When Will ParticipACTION End Its Partnership With Coca-Cola?
Saturday Stories: Woman Food, Modern Slavery, and @AcademicsSay
Get It Off Me! Get It Off Me!