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Arjun Trivedi BSc, MSc, MD (candidate).

MEMBER SINCE: Jul 21, 2011
LAST UPDATED: Mar 21, 2016

PROFILE: I am a Master of Science graduate in Experimental Medicine at the University of British Columbia. My research interests revolve around investigating the function of a peptide hormone called ghrelin secreted primarily by the stomach. Its effects were originally thought to be confined to appetite stimulation and facilitating growth hormone release but recent research has shown it to play a major role in the regulation of blood glucose levels. My project focused on the role of ghrelin in energy expenditure, fat mobilization and its it's ability to regulate blood glucose levels during pregnancy.

Over the last couple of years a fellow student, Leigh Gabel, and myself started a CON-SNP chapter at the University of British Columbia. Currently, the chapter is actively hosting events, been recognized as an official UBC club and is growing steadily. We are working hard to ensure CON-SNPs vision thrives in the West coast.

In addition to serving as Chair of the CON-SNP Chapter at UBC, I have had the pleasure of serving on CON-SNP National Executive Committee as Recruitment Coordinator from 2014-2015.

Currently, I am a first year medical student with hopes to take my knowledge I've gained from CON and CON-SNP to provide optimal care in my future practice.

Graduate: CON Obesity Summer School (formerly known as Obesity Boot Camp) Alumni - Class of 2015

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Inst./Company University of British Columbia - BC Children's Hospital
Dept. Pediatrics
Division Endocrinology
Position Master of Science in Experimental Medicine
Province BC
Country Canada
Category Student
Member Id# 9623

Arjun Trivedi

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