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Shelly Russell-Mayhew BSc, MSc, PhD

MEMBER SINCE: May 14, 2006
LAST UPDATED: Feb 26, 2015

PROFILE: Dr. Russell-Mayhew is an associate professor and registered psychologist with a research program in the prevention and treatment of eating and weight-related issues. Dr. Russell-Mayhew’s research: (a) focuses on the prevention of eating-related issues particularly in school contexts; (b) considers the risk and protective factors that integrate the prevention of eating disorders and obesity with the promotion of mental wellness and resiliency; (c) uses various and mixed methodological designs to capture both process and outcome in an ecological framework; and (d) capitalizes on interdisciplinary knowledge in creating research teams.

The primary objective of Dr. Russell-Mayhew’s research program is to lead and transform prevention research about weight-related issues like body image (perceptions, attitudes, and experiences about the body), disordered eating (e.g., unhealthy methods of weight change), weight-related disorders (e.g., obesity and eating disorders) and professional conversations and interactions about weight (e.g., weight bias). Body weight and embodiment are both important to well-being and healthy development. Her research is informed by clinical and research experience in interdisciplinary team contexts, as well as linkages between her work in academia and committee work with policy-makers and community partners.

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Inst./Company University of Calgary
Dept. Counselling Psychology
Division Werklund School of Education
Position Associate Professor
Province AB
Country Canada
Category Psychologist
Faculty Yes
Member Id# 834

Shelly Russell-Mayhew

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