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John C Spence PhD

MEMBER SINCE: Mar 08, 2006
LAST UPDATED: Feb 09, 2009

PROFILE: E d u c a t i o n:

Ph.D., Exercise Science, Concordia University (1998)
M.A., Physical Education (Sport Psychology), McGill University (1991)
B.A., Psychology, McGill University (1987)

State of the Evidence Review on Urban Health – Healthy Weights
The Fitscapes Project
Growth Assessment Study of Preschool Children: Establishing a Longitudinal Cohort
Children’s mental representations of urban physical activity environments
Understanding Influences of the Media on Physical Activity and Nutrition: An Ecological Approach
Charting the Foodscapes

Publications and Presentations

• Spence, J. C. , Cutumisu, N., Edwards, J., & Evans, J. (in press). Influence of neighbourhood design and access to facilities on overweight and obesity among preschool children. International Journal of Pediatric Obesity .

• Hemphill, E., Raine, K., Spence, J. C., & Smoyer-Tomic, K. (in press). Exploring obesogenic food environments in Edmonton , Canada : Are socioeconomic factors related to fast-food access? American Journal of Health Promotion .

• Smoyer-Tomic, K., Spence, J. C., Raine, K., Amrhein, C., Cameron, N., Yasenovskiy, V., Cutumisu, N., Hemphill, E., & Healy, J. (in press). The relationship between neighbourhood-level socioeconomic characteristics and supermarket and fast food accessibility. Health & Place .

• Taylor, L. M., Leslie, E., Plotnikoff, R. C., Owen, N., & Spence, J. C. (in press). Associations of perceived community environmental attributes with walking in a population-based sample of adults with type 2 diabetes. Annals of Behavioral Medicine .

• Thomson, M., Spence, J. C., Raine, K., & Laing, L. (in press). The association of televsion viewing with snacking behavior and bodyweight among young adults. American Journal of Health Promotion .

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Inst./Company University of Alberta
Dept. Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation
Position Associate Professor
Province AB
Country Canada
Category Psychologist
Faculty Yes
Member Id# 624

John C Spence

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