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Kim Raine PhD, RD

MEMBER SINCE: Feb 27, 2006
LAST UPDATED: Dec 14, 2010

PROFILE: My research program, Promoting Optimal Weights through Ecological Research (POWER) explores the social and environmental determinants of the emerging obesity epidemic. My team’s research explores the ways in which social conditions and people’s behaviours (particularly food and eating behaviours) interact to transmit obesity and chronic diseases through social means.

Although my expertise is primarily in qualitative methods, such as ethnography, I collaborate with colleagues who bring diverse quantitative methods to the team, so that we are able to explore how social factors such as policies, commercialization of food, and the built environment of communities where people live may invisibly structure people’s choices.

With knowledge of how social forces may be shaping the health of people and communities, my current research priorities are on intervening on the social conditions contributing to obesity and chronic diseases. My contribution to intervention development and evaluation includes conducting large-scale, community-based and population policy-level health promotion initiatives to address chronic disease prevention.

My philosophy has always been to make the healthy choice the easy choice, and this can best be accomplished if stakeholders are made aware of the relationships demonstrated through research initiatives and stimulated to act on them. Therefore, a priority of all of my research endeavors is an integration of practitioners and policy decision-makers into the research/ intervention team to facilitate rapid action.

Dr. Raine is a CIHR/HSFC Applied Public Health Chair

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Inst./Company University of Alberta
Dept. Centre for Health Promotion Studies
Division School of Public Health
Position Professor
Province AB
Country Canada
Category Public Health
Faculty Yes
Member Id# 607

Kim Raine

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Keywords: Advertising, Built environment, Environment, Health promotion, Nutrition, Prevention