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David Macklin MD, CCFP

MEMBER SINCE: Jan 31, 2006
LAST UPDATED: Aug 21, 2014

PROFILE: Dr. David Macklin, MD, CCFP - University of Toronto
David A. Macklin is a lecturer at the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, department of Family Medicine and a University of Toronto trained family physician - GP psychotherapist. He has committed his career to the prevention and treatment of obesity; directing multidisciplinary, evidence based - behavioural weight management programs. He is the Medical Director of the Weight Management and Lifestyle Program at the Toronto Medcan Clinic. He is also the Medical Director the Weight Management Program at the Toronto Mount Sinai Hospital High Risk/Special Pregnancy BMI unit.

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Inst./Company Medcan/University of Toronto
Dept. Family Medicine
Position Medical Director Medcan Weight Management and Lifestyle Program/Lecturer University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine
Province ON
Country Canada
Category Physician
Faculty Yes
Member Id# 531

David Macklin

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