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Sean Wharton MD, FRCPC, PharmD

MEMBER SINCE: Dec 12, 2005
LAST UPDATED: Feb 23, 2016

PROFILE: Dr. Sean Wharton, MD, FRCPC.

General Internal Medicine

Medical Director of theWharton Medical Clinic, Internal Medicine - Weight and Diabetes Management. www.whartonmedicalclinic.com

Dr. Wharton graduated from UofT Pharmacy undergrad in 1992, and his Doctorate in Pharmacy in 1997. He completed medical school at UofT, in 2001 and residency in Internal Medicine at McMaster in 2005. His interest in ethnicity and medicine led him to the study of hypertension and then to obesity under the guidance of Arya Sharma.

Dr. Wharton is the Director of the OHIP Funded Weight and Diabetes Management Centre, in Hamilton and Burlington.

The goal of the clinic, is to increase the access to care for bariatric and diabetic patients.

The treatment practices follow the Canadian Practice Guidelines in Obesity, and The Guidelines from the Candadian Diabetes Association.

All services are no charge to patients including metabolic rate testing, small group sessions by behavioural therapist, dietitians and exercise specialist. Also of no charge are the Surgical Support Group Session and Large Group Lectures.

Research at the WMC is emphasized, as we realize that our current approach to obesity is still in its infancy and only with quality research can we continue to make strides in this field.

Graduate: CON Obesity Summer School (formerly known as Obesity Boot Camp) Alumni - Class of 2006

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Inst./Company The Wharton Medical Clinic - Weight and Diabetes Management
Dept. York University
Division Faculty of Health
Position Medical Director
Province ON
Country Canada
Category Physician
Faculty Yes
Member Id# 358

Sean Wharton

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