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Katherine Morrison MD

MEMBER SINCE: Dec 05, 2005
LAST UPDATED: Mar 29, 2010

PROFILE: Research questions focused on understanding the biological, social and genetic determinants for the development of health consequences of obesity in children and youth, and developing interventions to address them. Interested in understanding best practices for management and most effective methods for conveying information to health care providers and to patients and their families to assist them in behavioural change.
Clinical focus on management of health consequences of obesity in children and youth.

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Inst./Company McMaster University
Dept. Department of Paediatrics
Division Endocrinology; Nutrition Metabolism and Exercise
Position Associate Professor
Province ON
Country Canada
Category Physician
Faculty Yes
Member Id# 273

Katherine Morrison

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Keywords: Adipokines, Adolescent, Appetite, Body composition, Breast feeding, Built environment, Children, Developing countries, Diabetes (type 2), Endocannabinoid, Endocrinology, Exercise, Fat, diet, Fat, metabolism, Fibre, Fitness, Health services, Leptin, Lipodystrophy, Lipoproteins, Metabolomics, Mitochondria, Non-exercise thermogenesis, Nutrition, Physical activity, Pregnancy