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Sara Kirk PhD

MEMBER SINCE: Feb 07, 2007
LAST UPDATED: Jun 29, 2010

PROFILE: Sara Kirk holds a Canada Research Chair in Health Services Research in the School of Health Administration, with cross-appointments in the School of Health and Human Performance and the IWK Health Centre. Her research program (Applied Research Collaborations for Health: ARCH) uses a social-ecological approach to understand lifestyle factors influencing health status and health services utilization, particularly in relation to excessive weight gain (obesity). Sara is also the Dalhousie Site Principal Investigator for the Atlantic Regional Training Centre, a collaborative venture between four Atlantic Universities to build health research capacity.

Relevant recent publications:

Kirk SFL, Cramm CL, Price SL, Penney TL, Jarvie L, Power H (2010). The state of obesity management for women giving birth in Atlantic Canada. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 14:453–458.

Flodgren, G., Deane, K., Dickinson, H. O., Kirk, S., Alberti, H., Beyer, F. R., et al. (2010). Interventions to change the behaviour of health professionals and the organisation of care to promote weight reduction in overweight and obese people. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, March (3) Retrieved from http://www.mrw.interscience.wiley.com/cochrane/clsysrev/articles/CD000984/frame.html.

Kirk, S. F. L., & Penney, T. L. (2010). Managing obesity in healthcare settings: Stigma or support? Obesity and Weight Management, 6(1), 21-24.

Kirk SFL, Penney TL, McHugh TL (2010) Characterizing the obesogenic environment: The state of the evidence with directions for future research. Obesity Reviews, 11, 2, 109-117.

Kirk SFL, Penney TL, Freedhoff Y (2010) Running away with the facts on food and fatness (invited commentary). Public Health Nutrition, January 2010, 13, 1, 147-148.

Cade JE, Kirk SFL, Nelson P, Hollins L, Deakin T, Greenwood DC, Harvey EL (2009). Can peer educators influence healthy eating in people with diabetes? Results of a randomised controlled trial. Diabetic Medicine, 26, 1048-1054.

McConnon A, Kirk SFL, Ransley JKR (2009). Process evaluation of an Internet-based resource for weight control – use and views of an obese sample. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour, 41, 4, 261-267.

Kirk SFL, Cramm CL, Price SL, Penney TL, Jarvie L, Power H (2009) BMI: A Vital Sign for Patients and Health Professionals. Canadian Nurse Journal, 105(1), 25-38.

Kirk SFL, Cockbain A, Beazley J (2008) Obesity in Tonga: a cross-sectional comparative study of perceptions of body size and beliefs about obesity in lay people and nurses. Obesity Research and Clinical Practice, 2, 35-41.

McConnon A, Kirk SFL, Cockroft JC, Harvey EL, Greenwood DC, Thomas JD, Ransley JK, Bojke L (2007) The Internet for weight control in an obese sample: results of a randomized controlled trial. BMC Health Services Research, 7:206.

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Inst./Company Dalhousie University
Dept. School of Health Administration
Division Faculty of Health Professions
Position Canada Research Chair in Health Services Research
Province NS
Country Canada
Category Other
Faculty Yes
Member Id# 1861

Sara Kirk

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Keywords: Built environment, Health policy, Health services, Nutrition