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Ashraf Abdelaal Ph. D.

MEMBER SINCE: Oct 31, 2015
LAST UPDATED: Nov 01, 2015

PROFILE: Dr. Abdelaal has completed his PhD at the age of 32 years from Cairo University. He is now a staff member at Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University. He has published more than 14 papers in reputed journals, has been serving as a reviewer for many respected journals, participated in many national and international conferences, shared many quality assurance and accreditation as well as community services activities. Dr. Abdelaal has well academic, teaching and research-based experiences and is interested in geriatric care and rehabilitation as well as rehabilitation of patients with metabolic, pulmonary and cardiovascular disorders.

Management of obese or diabetic patients is the scope of his concern nowadays. Many of his published articles are concerned with the concept of how to prevent and/or treat obesity and diabetes and its related complications through Physical Therapy procedures.

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Inst./Company Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University
Dept. Physical Therapy
Division Physical Therapy for Cardiopulmonary/ Respiratory disorders and Geriatrics
Position Lecturer Assistant Prof Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences
Province ZZ
Country Egypt
Category Occupational/Physical Therapist
Faculty Yes
Member Id# 17452

Ashraf Abdelaal

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