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Genevieve Gariepy PhD

MEMBER SINCE: Jun 09, 2015
LAST UPDATED: Nov 07, 2016

PROFILE: Geneviève Gariépy is an epidemiologist and postdoctoral fellow at the Montreal Institute for Health and Social Policy. She has worked extensively on the associations and pathways linking chronic diseases to mental health, with expertise in obesity and diabetes research. She received her PhD in epidemiology from McGill University for her research on mental health in people with a chronic illness and served as a Bombardier fellow in services, policy and population mental health research. Dr Gariépy holds a Masters in epidemiology and a Bachelor of Science in physiotherapy. She practiced clinical work for many years. Dr Gariépy’s research interests include chronic health conditions such as obesity, mental health, social epidemiology, causal inference, and systematic reviews.

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Inst./Company McGill University
Position Research fellow
Province QC
Country Canada
Category Post-Doc
Member Id# 16777

Genevieve Gariepy

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