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Katherine Cianflone PhD

MEMBER SINCE: Dec 11, 2006
LAST UPDATED: May 15, 2011

PROFILE: Katherine Cianflone completed her PhD in 1989, and after two postdocs (one at Univ Western Ontario and one at Univ of Toronto), returned to McGill University in 1993 as assistant professor (Medicine). In 2005, she joined the well recognized team of researchers at Université Laval who are known worldwide for their contribution to basic and clinical research in the field of obesity and related diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular and pulmonary disease.

As Canada Research Chair in Adipose Tissue, Dr Cianflone is committed to the study of adipose (fat) tissue metabolism and is funded by both CIHR and NSERC and is widely published. To that end, she utilizes a wide variety of innovative methodology ranging from cellular to human studies to probe the physiological role of several adipose tissue hormones (adipokines) which influence not only fat storage, but extend to effects on food intake and whole body energy expenditure.

Dr Cianflone’s pioneering studies identified the role of ASP in fat storage and, with international collaborators, identified the cell surface receptor protein C5L2 responsible for signalling, placing her at the forefront of this exciting research. Addressing innovative questions using complementary techniques and approaches, her research has led to widespread publications in well recognized journals.

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Inst./Company Laval University
Dept. Anatomie & Physiologie
Division Medicine
Position Professor
Province QC
Country Canada
Category Teacher/Educator
Faculty Yes
Member Id# 1559

Katherine Cianflone

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