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Shelly McEwen BSW, CHP, MHS

MEMBER SINCE: Jan 09, 2012
LAST UPDATED: Mar 18, 2012

PROFILE: It is an honour to join forces with the many talented and wise CON-RCO members in addressing the issue of obesity while working towards solutions in treatment and prevention. To the issue, I share my wisdom and skills as a seasoned and successful registered and licensed mental health professional (1990), certified and licensed health coach and wellness coach (endorsed by the ACSM) (2008) and practicing health promotion practitioner. Much of my Master of Health Studies degree (2012) has focused on obesity.

Within my public and private professional practice, I have worked with inspiring and wise individuals of varying ages, ethnicity, gender, education and socioeconomic background who have struggled with obesity and the ramifications of the disease. These ramifications include the biopsychosocial impact of obesity from health decline and chronic conditions to the emotional and spiritual suffering associated with the disease (compounded by social weight bias, discrimination, lack of effective long-term treatment and best practice).

Along with offering professional expertise in the field, my stakeholder voice also extends to the voice of the client. This voice is a vital and necessary component to understanding and finding meaningful solutions to a complex and multifaceted issue. The gathering of research and clinical understanding from multiple perspectives will support finding answers that encompass the whole individual.The vision of CON-RCO resonates within me and certainly meets with my personal and professional philosophy and desire to prevent and treat obesity as well as reduce the mental, physical, social and economic burden on individuals, families, communities and society.

Shelly McEwen RSW(sk), CHP, MHS

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Inst./Company Regional Health Authority/Independent
Position Health Promotion Coordinator/Independent Consultant
Province SK
Country Canada
Category Social Worker
Member Id# 10815

Shelly  McEwen

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