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Jose G Rodríguez
Joined: Mar 27, 17
Treatment and consultory
Diana Al-Farraji BS. Nutrition & Dietetics
Joined: Mar 26, 17
Interested in helping people living with obesity acheive a healthier life through nutrition education and counselling and by using evidence-based interventions.
Lisa MacDonald BSc Nutrition, BA Psychology
Joined: Mar 26, 17
Sobeys Inc
I work in a retail environment (supermarket) and am asked on a regular basis to help people lose weight. My clients don't have a lot of time to spend with me, some are regulars, some are not, so I need to be as up to date as possible on obesity and how to help those who want to take control and make changes to lose weight. I believe working in a supermarket puts me in a unique position to help people wanting to make a change. Knowledge is power and I want to help my clients live healthier lives
James Check B.A., M.A., Ph.D
Joined: Mar 25, 17
York University
I am a Psychology Professor who teaches Social Psychology and Statistics, and I have a great interest in the Social Psychology of Health Promotion. As well, my daughter is a Kinesiology student at York University who is interested in becoming a doctor and working in Bariatric Medicine.
W. Jeffrey McDaniel MD. DABFM. DABOM
Joined: Mar 25, 17
Piedmont Healthcare
Personally struggled with Obesity my entire adult life. Started studying Obesity Medicine 2013 when my wife had a vertical Sleeve. I had the sleeve in 2014. The sleeve and major lifestyle changes contributed to greater than a 110 lb weight loss (50:50). In 2015 I became a Diplomate of ABOM. I have practiced Obesity Medicine for 3 years and do consults x2 years. Moving into FT Obesity. Use 5As Daily
Mohunlall soowamber Bsc (McGill university),MD, LMCC
Joined: Mar 24, 17
Clinique Médicale L'ESPERANCE
GP involved in treating obesity together with other co morbidities as HBP,diabetes, coronary artery disease etc interested in clinical research in various fields including obesity
Ian Patton PhD
Joined: Mar 23, 17
York University
I serve as the Vice-Chair of the Canadian Obesity Network Public Engagement Operating Committee. I have completed a PhD and Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the field of obesity research but also have live a life touched by obesity personally. My areas of research are in physical activity, BMI and children. Personally as a Bariatric patient I have a deep interest in advocacy for the elimination of weight bias and discrimination and the advocacy for access to appropriate treatments for those living
Joined: Mar 23, 17
Margaret Young MSc
Joined: Mar 23, 17
Sobeys Pharmacy
In my role as a dietitian, I teach a Healthy Weight program and offer individual counseling for weight loss and other related nutrition issues.
Paula Turner BSN
Joined: Mar 22, 17
Fraser Health
I see pts with diabetes, who are often overweight as well. I hope to be more effective in communication, counselling so I can hear my pts better, and they can hear me better.
Mavis Dixon
Joined: Mar 22, 17
I am the lead Project Manager for a mobile and web application project to address adolescent obesity, using a family-systems + goal-based approach and built on Ayogo's Empower technology. I work with some of the largest health care organizations in North America as well as pharma and biotechnology firms. The products that I have helped create improve patient health through education, self-efficacy, improved medication adherence and new habit formation. My work has furthered the mission o
Mojtaba Kaviani Ph.D
Joined: Mar 21, 17
Acadia university
Dr. Kaviani is an Assistant Professor at Acadia University and the leader of its sports nutrition group. His primary research foci are sports nutrition and exercise physiology; his main research interests are metabolic responses to nutritional interventions, glycemic control and diabetes, and pulse-based diet and health. Dr. Kaviani is also a Certified Exercise Physiologist with Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology.
Émilie Avoine College
Joined: Mar 21, 17
La Cité Médicale
I have been interested in obesity for many years now. Infact, it has a non-negligible impact on chronic diseases and this is becoming a major issue in our society. My goal is to accompany my patients and guide them through healhy choices an offer them appropriate treatment and support.
Natalie Novy
Joined: Mar 21, 17
Private Practice
As a new private practice dietitian, becoming a member of the CON will help keep me engaged in the up-to-date information about obesity and how to approach this with clients.
Mélanie Béland
Joined: Mar 21, 17
Concordia University
I am interested in links between obesity and psychological disorders, mainly depression and anxiety.
Katherine Taylor
Joined: Mar 21, 17
Canadian Obesity Network
Recent CON/PEC Member
Featured Researchers
Mary L'Abbe BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD
Joined: Oct 18, 13
Dep of Nutritional Sc., University of Toronto
Rena LaFrance
Joined: Apr 24, 13
Alberta Health Services
Genevieve Gariepy PhD
Joined: Jun 09, 15
McGill University
JoAnne Davies PhD
Joined: Jan 31, 13
University of Alberta
Marni Armstrong PhD (candidate), Cardiovascular Sciences
Joined: Mar 28, 08
University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services
Alejandro (Alex) Jadad MD, DPhil
Joined: Dec 02, 05
University of Toronto
Angela Alberga BSc, MSc, PhD
Joined: Jan 13, 09
University of Calgary
Lorna Milkovich RN, BN, MBA
Joined: Feb 20, 13
Red Deer Primary Care Network
Khloud Alkhalaqi Masters
Joined: Oct 08, 14
Simon Fraser University
Timothy Caulfield LLM, FRSC, FCAHS
Joined: Oct 26, 12
University of Alberta
Stuart Nicholls Ph.D., MRes, MSc, BSc(Hons)
Joined: Apr 29, 14
University of Ottawa
Alison M Duncan BASc, MSc, PhD, RD
Joined: Nov 22, 05
University of Guelph