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Tina Li BSc, MSc
Joined: Mar 26, 15
Medical Weight Management Centre
I have a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition from the University of British Columbia. I worked as a research coordinator at the Department of Food, Nutrition, and Health at UBC for 3 years. I coordinated 15 nutrition research projects and co-authored 7 journal articles. Currently, I am working as a health educator at the Medical Weight Management Centre in Coquitlam, BC. Some of my responsibilities include meeting with patients to gather medical and dietary history, providing ongoing car
Ahmad Alqaisi
Joined: Mar 26, 15
Rouge Valley Hospital
Working as Diabetes Nurse Educator in Pediatric Program , Dealing With Type 1 Dm , Type 2 , Prediabetes children . Interested In learning more about obesity specially in Children.
Afnan Albukhari
Joined: Mar 26, 15
Gretta Costello BN
Joined: Mar 25, 15
Calgary West Central PCN
As a CDM RN in primary care. I am seeing patients struggling with obesity and its management. I would like to have the most current evidenced base information to share with them.
Sydney Withers
Joined: Mar 25, 15
University of Guelph
I am interested in gaining knowledge in the field of obesity research. I follow the Canadian Obesity Network Canadian Nutrition Society on my social media outlets, but am interested in gaining specified knowledge and keeping up with future events where I can make new connections. I attended the Canadian Nutrition Society conference in Toronto in January which was an exciting opportunity and I look forward to attending more conferences in the future. I was referred to this group by my clinica
Lynnette Watson BN RN
Joined: Mar 25, 15
Lynne Murfin MD
I do lifestyle management teaching with patients.
April Maynes Bachelor of Nursing
Joined: Mar 25, 15
Calgary West Central Primary Care Network
I work with people on an individual basis to help them to lose weight and improve health outcomes.
Fernanda Saraga PhD
Joined: Mar 25, 15
Scientific Insights Consulting Group
CME development.
Christian Lizotte BHK
Joined: Mar 25, 15
University of Ottawa
I'm currently completing a M.Sc. in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. I'm doing my thesis with the Healthy Active Living and Obesity (HALO) research group at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). My thesis focuses on the correlates of physical literacy in children. Research interests include physical activity, children's physical literacy, sedentary behaviour, and nutrition.
Sweta Budyal MD. DM (Endocrinology)
Joined: Mar 25, 15
Ottawa Hospital
After MD, I completed three years of fellowship in Endocrinology. My goal is to learn the art and science of management of adult and pediatric obesity, my special interest is to learn the fundamentals of Bariatric medicine.
Amany Mostafa
Joined: Mar 25, 15
I'm a Family Medicine resident at U of C interested in obesity management.
Maria Yu MD
Joined: Mar 25, 15
Ajax Harwood Clinic
I treat patients with obesity in my practice
cindy soh Masters degree in preventive cardiology (UK)
Joined: Mar 25, 15
national health care group
I have masters in preventive cardiology. Served in cardiac rehabilitation for 8 years. Have transferred to primary health care to be involved in preventive cardiac care services. Initiating weight management initiatives for both healthy and at risk population.
Lena Nasih
Joined: Mar 25, 15
Cleveland Clinic Abu-Dhabi
Dietitian working mainly in the areas of diabetes and obesity
Constance Oates
Joined: Mar 24, 15
Team member of a Pediatric Obesity treatment program
Joined: Mar 24, 15
Sunnybank Obesity Centre
I am a Weight Management General Practitioner (Bariatric Physician) with over 12 years experience in the field of weight management. I perform pre operative assessment of patients interested in bariatric surgery including gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass patients. I also provide long term post operative follow up of bariatric patients including gastric band adjustments. I am also a medical coordinator of a non surgical weight loss program.
Stefanie Copple B.Sc., RD
Joined: Mar 24, 15
Breakthrough Junction & Calgary Weight Management Centre
I have a private practice that specializes in permanent weight loss without a dieting approach. I work closely with a Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach. I am also a Registered Dietitian with the Calgary Weight Management Centre.
Elizabeth Alvarez MD, MPH, PhD(c)
Joined: Mar 24, 15
McMaster University
I am a family physician with a Master of Public Health in PH administration. I worked as AMOH in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I am currently working on my PhD in Health Policy. My interest in obesity lies with the multiple layers and factors surrounding a person's lifestyle choices - from the personal, cognitive, behavioral, community, cultural, public health, and policy aspects. I am developing a program that can work at the individual, clinical, level but integrate public health and policy aspect
Laurette Dube PhD
Joined: Mar 24, 15
McGill University, Desautels Faculty of Management
Laurette Dubé is Full Professor and holds the James McGill Chair of consumer and lifestyle psychology and marketing at the Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill University, which she joined in 1995. She is also the founding chair and scientific director of the McGill World Platform for Health and Economic Convergence, a unique initiative to promote convergence between academic disciplines, innovations, and initiatives by individuals, communities, enterprises, governments, at all levels, to t
Benoit Tousignant M.Sc Nutrition
Joined: Mar 24, 15
Novo Nordisk
I completed my M.Sc in Nutrition @ Université de Montréal 7 years ago on Fat distribution and Insulin resistance with the MONET group. I am now working with Novo Nordisk Canada.
Helen Patroney BMB@
Joined: Mar 23, 15
Adelaide Obesity Surgery
Previously in full time General medical Practice for 25 years. Since 2006 have worked exclusively as a bariatric GP for Adelaide Obesity Surgery consulting 4 days a week and assisting our surgeon Dr Justin Bessell for all his lists. We provide a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to obesity management with dieititians, exercise physiology , clinical psychology, access to physicians for sleep testing . Enjoy this work tremendously and enjoy OSSANZ conferences. Keen to attend the medical c
Denise Mago
Joined: Mar 23, 15
Dee Health n' Fitness
As a person who very passionate about health and active lifestyle, I believe I can provide support and empower people that would like to make a positive change in their lives. I personally never been close or being close to obesity however I consider this is something that is affecting way too many people in our society and by educating the people around me and engage with organizations like this I am sure I can make a change specially by doing it with passion. I am working on few projects on m
Nicole Gehring BSc
Joined: Mar 23, 15
University of Alberta
I gained a lot of relevant experience in both mental health and eHealth interventions as part of some large-scale research projects at the University of British Columbia. Now as a Research Coordinator at the University of Alberta I will be working with Dr. Geoff Ball and his team on a few different projects, but my main focus will be to coordinate the day-to-day administration of a large interdisciplinary CIHR Team Grant - Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children.
Maeribeth Sullivan BSC Science (Applied Human Nutrition)
Joined: Mar 22, 15
St. Joseph's Hospital
My interest is to expand my knowledge and ability to serve the clients I work with by an improved understanding of the complexity of obesity.
Janine Monahan BScN, MScN
Joined: Mar 22, 15
Kingston Frontenac and Lennox & Addington Public Health
Healthy weights, and chronic disease prevention. Obesity prevention for School Aged children and their families. School and community based interventions.
Laurie Inkol
Joined: Mar 22, 15
Guelph General Hospital
New to the role or Resource Nurse in the Medical and Surgical Bariatric Program in Guelph General Hospital Have been Resource Nurse in ICU for 12 years previous
Carolyn Nowry MD
Joined: Mar 22, 15
University of Calgary
A community family physician who sees obese patients in the office daily. Also work with pregnant patients and actively monitor gestational weight gain
Ahmed El-Sadig BA Kinesiology
Joined: Mar 20, 15
York University
As a Kinesiology student and aspiring Osteopathic Physician, I'm passionate about contributing to solve the obesity epidemic in creative and practical ways. We need a solution!
Featured Researchers
Angela Alberga BSc, MSc, PhD
Joined: Jan 13, 09
University of Calgary
Catherine S Birken MD, MSc, FRCPC
Joined: Sep 08, 06
Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto
Nooshin Alizadeh B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., RD
Joined: Mar 24, 09
University of British Columbia
Olatunji Anthony Akerele Diploma, BSc and MSc in Nutritional Sciences
Joined: Jan 19, 15
Memorial University, New Foundland
Connie Abram MB, BS
Joined: Feb 27, 13
Canadian Diabetes Association
Stasia Hadjiyannakis BSc, MD
Joined: Feb 20, 07
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Akm Alamgir PhD, M Phil, DIH (MPH-IH)
Joined: May 10, 10
St. Michael's Hospital
Kathryn Ambler BSc, MSc
Joined: Feb 14, 08
University of Alberta
Gail Dechman BSc PT, PhD
Joined: Feb 01, 12
Dalhousie Univeristy
Heba Ahmad BSc (Hons with Distinction), Kinesiology
Joined: Dec 24, 11
University of Guelph
Thierry Alquier PhD
Joined: Aug 17, 09
CR-CHUM Montreal Diabetes Research Center
Kristi Adamo PhD
Joined: Dec 18, 06
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario