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Our Newest Members

Julie Briand-Sleigh B.Eng Civil, M.A.Sc. Engineering, Currently Finishing M.Sc Physiotherapy
Joined: Feb 14, 17
Dalhousie University
I know that in all probability I will be working with many patients who struggle with obesity so I am doing my best to get prepared.
Hijran Mahdi
Joined: Feb 13, 17
Alberta Health Services
I worked with a bariatric surgery team. I'm interested to broaden my knowledge on the other aspects of obesity management.
Ian Zenlea MD, MPH
Joined: Feb 13, 17
Trillium Health Partners
I am the Project Lead for the KidFit Health and Wellness Clinic, a paediatric weight management program at Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I am conducting research in childhood obesity.
Violeta Allred Bachelor in Nutrition
Joined: Feb 10, 17
Elevated Learning Academy
Currently I am a student at Elevated Learning Academy in the Applied Nutrition Science Diploma Program in Calgary, AB. I have experience in clinical, hospitality, industrial and community nutrition. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Guatemala. I will like to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to improve their overall quality of life. Especially those struggling with obesity or overweight. I would like to learn how to address obesity/overweight in an effective and scien
Lindsay Landry
Joined: Feb 10, 17
Nova Scotia Health Authority
I incorporate mindful eating and self compassion into my counseling of overweight/obese patients. I believe that addressing how and why we use food as well as teaching the patient better ways to cope are interventions that help get to the root of the problem.
Cherylene Pinaroc
Joined: Feb 09, 17
Diabetes Injection Asistant Services
Currntlt working in an obesity clonic. Enjoying the interaction with patients.
Fausta Charlong
Joined: Feb 09, 17
LakeRx Consulting
- contractor with Novo Nordisk DIAZ program - diabetes and obesity management - obesity management in physicians offices
Sydney Haubrich BSc Nutrition and Food Science
Joined: Feb 09, 17
University of Calgary
I am interested in researching how lifestyle modifications can prevent chronic diseases, including obesity.
Aloys Berg Venia legendi
Joined: Feb 09, 17
University of Freiburg
From 1974 to 2008 working as a medical doctor at the Department of Sports Medicine (University Hospital Freiburg, Medical Faculty, Germany) and involvement in clinical medicine, scientific research and as a university lecturer; publications of over 600 scientific articles and 9 monographs; 5 national awards in the field of preventive medicine; from 2008 till today private scientific business (retired) in the field of lifestyle management of dyslipoproteinemia and obesity, nutrition and exercise
Laleh Pezhman Msc
Joined: Feb 09, 17
Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
Since my PHD thesis is associated with obesity induced Diabetes, I would like to join to obesity network in order to further understanding of possible obesity consequences.
Ashleigh Middleton BSc.OT(c)
Joined: Feb 08, 17
Alberta Health Services
I am OT who has worked primarily in facility living/ Long-term Care. I have recently changed positions and am now involved in various aspects of obesity care including making recommendations on site design, equipment purchases and educational components for staff working with these clients. I am hoping to have a positive impact on the quality of life and independence for clients with obesity related issues. It can be challenging to find learning opportunities and I am hopeful to continue to i
Steven Ligertwood B.Sc., MD
Joined: Feb 08, 17
Medical Weight Management Center
I have been a Hospitalist and have been involved in innovative medical program development and quality improvement in Hospital Medicine for the last 16 years. Over the past year I have been working with Dr. Michael Lyon to help expand the Medical Weight Management Center in B.C.. The goal is to offer our Interdisciplinary model of to larger numbers of patients while maintaining the highest standard of patient care.
Alissa Vieth
Joined: Feb 08, 17
Community Food Centres Canada
Interested in working to support individuals to live their healthiest life.
Chalsea Onespot
Joined: Feb 08, 17
Tsuut'ina Health Centre
As part of a team that focuses on health education and diabetes prevention, obesity is one of the most common concerns that clients bring up.
Linda Crawford BA in Recreation Administration
Joined: Feb 08, 17
Alberta Blue Cross
I am interested in learning more about CON and what it stands for and is about. We are currently looking at ways to collaborate and partner with CON as a health benefits provider and seeing where the conversation and support for Obesity fits in.
Alexis Fertig MD, MPH
Joined: Feb 07, 17
University of Pittsburgh Medical Cente
I work primarily in the field of eating disorders. We are expanding our services to work with patients with obesity.
Featured Researchers
Mary L'Abbe BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD
Joined: Oct 18, 13
Dep of Nutritional Sc., University of Toronto
Rena LaFrance
Joined: Apr 24, 13
Alberta Health Services
Genevieve Gariepy PhD
Joined: Jun 09, 15
McGill University
JoAnne Davies PhD
Joined: Jan 31, 13
University of Alberta
Marni Armstrong PhD (candidate), Cardiovascular Sciences
Joined: Mar 28, 08
University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services
Alejandro (Alex) Jadad MD, DPhil
Joined: Dec 02, 05
University of Toronto
Angela Alberga BSc, MSc, PhD
Joined: Jan 13, 09
University of Calgary
Lorna Milkovich RN, BN, MBA
Joined: Feb 20, 13
Red Deer Primary Care Network
Khloud Alkhalaqi Masters
Joined: Oct 08, 14
Simon Fraser University
Timothy Caulfield LLM, FRSC, FCAHS
Joined: Oct 26, 12
University of Alberta
Stuart Nicholls Ph.D., MRes, MSc, BSc(Hons)
Joined: Apr 29, 14
University of Ottawa
Alison M Duncan BASc, MSc, PhD, RD
Joined: Nov 22, 05
University of Guelph