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Our Newest Members

Santana Stewart Bachelor of Nursing
Joined: Apr 29, 16
Raymond Clinic
Weight management within clinic setting
Louise Kirkhope BA, BSW, MSW
Joined: Apr 29, 16
Island Health
Work with children age 6-17 and their families who are seeking a healthier lifestyle. We provide age-based group programs and individualized support to assist families in making positive changes in eating habits, activity level, parenting skills and self-esteem.
Jennine Seaman
Joined: Apr 29, 16
Hastings Prince Edward Public Health
I am responsible for youth/infant health - this is obviously an important time to focus on obesity and the factors contributing to it.
Raul Dena Bachelor in Nutrition and Masters in Health Sciencies with speciality in Public Health
Joined: Apr 29, 16
Universidad del Valle de México Campus Hermosillo
I am a dietitian with a masters degree in health sciencies (specialty of public health). Right now I'm working as a faculty member, teaching at the nutrition academy (where I represent), also I have my own small company dedicated to the design, implementation and evaluation of programs for the prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity. I also give tenis lessons in my free time like a hobby promoting healthy life styles. I'm interest in innovating and implement new way for the manage
Anthony Attwood-Blaise B.Sc. Nursing Sciences (2014) ; MSc Health Policy (to be completed in Fall 2016)
Joined: Apr 28, 16
Imperial College London
I am a nurse graduated from the School of Nursing of Monaco and also a student in MSc Health Policy in the United Kingdom at Imperial College London. My interest are in public health and global health. Obesity is clearly a national and global issue that health policy makers needs to address. The impact of obesity on Canadian citizens'life grapped my attention especially because I think that the solution remain mainly into the eating habbits that are determined culturally. Getting a better unders
Carol Townson Bachelor of Human Ecology
Joined: Apr 27, 16
St. Joseph's Care Group
I am a Registered Dietitian working with people who struggle with eating and the negative health (physical/social/psychological) impact. I am interested in the relationship to brain structural changes (starvation, drug use, brain injury) and the impact of food/substances on choices and therefore treatment options.
Leticia Abundis M. education
Joined: Apr 26, 16
ULSA Noroeste
Pediatric gastroenterologist. Teacher with nutricion in Nutrition Programs, and Sonora México has a big problem with obesity, we must work in prevention, and these students and I must know about your program. I went to Cancún and listen Dr. Mark Tremblay. I want to know about the program "All day matters". Could I Know about it? Thank you
Esther Pennock Diploma
Joined: Apr 26, 16
Alberta Health Services
Case manager within the Edmonton Adult Bariatric Specialty Clinic.
Mark Durand Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Joined: Apr 26, 16
Alberta Health Services
I work as a Case Manager in the Edmonton Adult Bariatric Specialty Clinic
Jessica Pumple Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Joined: Apr 25, 16
Fraser Health
Interested in helping my patients with weight management and diabetes
Mandy Harte
Joined: Apr 25, 16
I'm looking for comparisons to U.S. obesity systems.
Peter Mack BSP
Joined: Apr 24, 16
Save on Foods Pharmacy #6663
I am interested in helping people reduce weight in order to become healthier and feel better about themselves.
Leonard Phair B.Sc., B.N., M.D.
Joined: Apr 22, 16
Eastern health
General internist with desire to treat obesity in an endemic area
Cindy Mailer B ED
Joined: Apr 21, 16
Alberta Health Services
I am a volunteer for Better Choices Better Health for Alberta Health Services
Barb Thompson
Joined: Apr 21, 16
West Region Treaty 2 & 4 Health Services Inc.
Coordinate diabetes and health living resources in community
Bahar Brocken
Joined: Apr 21, 16
Copeman Healthcare
Clinical dietitian focusing on prevention and chronic disease management in an interdisciplinary setting
Featured Researchers
JoAnne Davies PhD
Joined: Jan 31, 13
University of Alberta
Marni Armstrong PhD (candidate), Cardiovascular Sciences
Joined: Mar 28, 08
University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services
Alejandro (Alex) Jadad MD, DPhil
Joined: Dec 02, 05
University of Toronto
Angela Alberga BSc, MSc, PhD
Joined: Jan 13, 09
University of Calgary
Lorna Milkovich RN, BN, MBA
Joined: Feb 20, 13
Red Deer Primary Care Network
Khloud Alkhalaqi Masters
Joined: Oct 08, 14
Simon Fraser University
Timothy Caulfield LLM, FRSC, FCAHS
Joined: Oct 26, 12
University of Alberta
Stuart Nicholls Ph.D., MRes, MSc, BSc(Hons)
Joined: Apr 29, 14
University of Ottawa
Alison M Duncan BASc, MSc, PhD, RD
Joined: Nov 22, 05
University of Guelph
Marjorie Coristine B.Sc; M.A.
Joined: Jan 16, 13
Ottawa West Health Group
Marielle Ledoux PhD, DtP
Joined: Nov 14, 06
Université de Montréal
Timothy Jackson BSc, MD, MPH, FRCSC, FACS
Joined: Apr 22, 13
University of Toronto