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Andrea Kroeker
Joined: Nov 24, 14
Calgary Foothills PCN
To keep up to date with evidenced based obesity guidelines and upcoming events in the city
Lynette Adamson
Joined: Nov 24, 14
Alberta Health Services
I'm interested in information on preventing and treating obesity
Janelle Richer BSN, RN, Business Management Certificate
Joined: Nov 24, 14
Mosaic Primary Care Network
I have a personal interest in the management of obesity and have worked in a weight management clinic in the past. I feel that it's role is essential in the successful management of pain related to most conditions.
Laura Musat Master of Science
Joined: Nov 23, 14
One Health Care
I have graduated from Family Medicine University of Western Ontario in July 2012. Since then I am working as a family physician helping numerous patients dealing with obesity. I have attended the course on Nutrition for docs to learn more about diet. I would like to expand my expertise in helping patients with obesity.
Katherine Guthrie BA,MD
Joined: Nov 23, 14
Allina Health united Family Medicine Residency
Faculty/Clinician in urban multilingual Family Medicine Residency Federally Qualified Health Center. Obesity is inordinately common: also working with a network research study on empowering women to achieve healthy (IOM) weight gains in pregnancy. Working with a resident project on integrating a multidomained program for family /child health into our well child visits. Met a Canadian colleague from UAlberta at research conference, and she suggested I visit your website to get access to tools tha
Laura MacAulay
Joined: Nov 23, 14
Alberta Health Services
Helping my patients with obesity to be their best weight
Karen Thompson
Joined: Nov 23, 14
Annapolis Valley District Health Authority
Obesity is a major challenge faced by many of my patients. I am looking for more resources to increase my understanding of this issue and to help my patients who are coping with excess weight.
Kathryn Gaffney MB, BS
Joined: Nov 22, 14
I manage post-operative bariatric patients.
Irene Pace BSc, RD
Joined: Nov 22, 14
New Vision Family Health Team
In-office nutrition counselling
Satinder Bhayana MD, CCFP
Joined: Nov 22, 14
Family Care Brampton
I am a family physician presently working in Brampton Ontario. My practice consists of mainly South Asian patients who are mostly obese and have diabetes. Counseling weight management , diet and exercises is part of my routine in clinical practice. I am always enthusiastic to acquire latest knowledge in obesity management.
Jodi Nettleton
Joined: Nov 21, 14
University of Calgary
My current thesis surround maternal obesity and health of the offspring. The lab I am currently involved in focuses on nutrition, metabolism and genetics.
Lauren Schock
Joined: Nov 21, 14
Alberta Health Services
Weight loss counselling
Kim Crowther BHSc, BSc, MSc, RD
Joined: Nov 21, 14
Thames Valley Family Health Team
Interest in various obesity treatments. As one of many chronic diseases, obesity does not have a quick fix or cure. As health care professionals I believe we need to look at treatments individually and synergistically and explore how these impact patient health/disease.
Rebecca Warner
Joined: Nov 20, 14
Respiratory Homecare Solutions Inc.
I work for a private clinic focusing on diagnosing and treating sleep apnea. I would like to see where the Obesity Network resources can be used within our clinics to further support patients in weight management.
Krystn Orr H.B.Sc.Kin, M.Sc (c)
Joined: Nov 20, 14
University of Toronto
My research focuses on physical activity behaviour change in Canadians with physical disabilities, whether it is through sport or exercise. I also have worked as a personal trainer. My first degree (H.B.Sc.Kin) from McMaster University has exposed me to many opportunities to promote healthy lifestyles and to be engaged in a healthy lifestyle myself. My goal is to promote and further the research in the physical disability literature and across Canada.
Aline Silva
Joined: Nov 20, 14
University of Alberta
I am interested in learn more about nutritional status in obese people, especially sarcopenic obesity in cancer patients.
Lana Fehr BSc, BEd, MD
Joined: Nov 20, 14
University of Calgary
I want to be able to support my patients better in managing obesity.
Crystal McFeetors BA
Joined: Nov 20, 14
DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society (DCRS)
I teach vulnerable immigrants who often struggle with health issues.
Inaki Marina MD
Joined: Nov 20, 14
Hospital de Viladecans
Well, I amb in charge of the Cardiovascular Risk Factors Unit here in my Hospital, and toguether with the endocrinologist we thoght would be great idea to launch an Obesity Program for the hospital, primary care and community.
Melanie Beaton
Joined: Nov 19, 14
Western university
Gastroenterologist, NAFLD
Sam Cohen
Joined: Nov 19, 14
Quinte Health Care Belleville General Hospital
Lori Rudolph-Crawford
Joined: Nov 19, 14
Manage health programs and provide training/capacity development activities to support First Nations Communities to achieve better health outcomes. Work primarily in the area of promotion & prevention of obesity, diabetes/chronic disease prevention and management. Key focus areas include nutrition, physical activity and health lifestyles.
France Lavigne B.A., MSS (c), M.A. Counseling&Spirituality
Joined: Nov 19, 14
Lower Outaouais Family Health Team
For individual follow-up, as well as groups, for weight management (the emotions, mental health, etc.).
Nicole Sonier-Hoe BScNursing, MScNursing, PHC-NP certificate
Joined: Nov 19, 14
Canadian Mental Health Assoc., Ottawa Branch
CMHA's clientele most often include persons with persistent, severe, mental health conditions and multiple addictions (ie. Concurrent disorders). A sizeable number also have developmental delay disorders, and concurrent mental health and/or addictions issues. Many of our clientele have unhealthy weights, and/or at high risk for or suffer from chronic physical illnesses often affiliated with unhealthy weights (ex. Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, CHD etc.) Many have disordered eating as well,
Adriana Cimo
Joined: Nov 18, 14
London InterCommunity Health Centre
Working with clients who are at risk for or who have prediabetes or diabetes, weight loss tends to be a large focus for many of my clients. While making diet and lifestyle changes has been helpful for many clients, I have also noticed that some clients do not continue to follow-up leaving me to assume that it is because the recommendations and plan were not adequate to help them. By joining the Canadian Obesity Network, I am hoping to increase the success for clients - if not for weight loss the
Sofia Kalamaris
Joined: Nov 18, 14
I am currently a Registered Dietitian working in Diabetes education. I frequently see and help patients with obesity and would like to keep up to date with the latest in obesity research and new methods that may help my patients.
Kate Croft
Joined: Nov 18, 14
St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton
I am an Occupational Therapist working with clients to promote health and well-being by facilitating engagement in occupations of everyday life including addressing occupational performance issues in the areas of self-care, productivity and leisure.
Yuko Onosato B Kinesiology
Joined: Nov 17, 14
Pro Physio Holland Cross
I am a kinesiologist and exercise physiologist. I am passionate about chronic disease prevention. I am trying to find a way to reach people and help out people who need help with exercise. From small advice to modifying exercise.
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Stasia Hadjiyannakis BSc, MD
Joined: Feb 20, 07
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Akm Alamgir PhD, M Phil, DIH (MPH-IH)
Joined: May 10, 10
St. Michael's Hospital
Kathryn Ambler BSc, MSc
Joined: Feb 14, 08
University of Alberta
Gail Dechman BSc PT, PhD
Joined: Feb 01, 12
Dalhousie Univeristy
Heba Ahmad BSc (Hons with Distinction), Kinesiology
Joined: Dec 24, 11
University of Guelph
Thierry Alquier PhD
Joined: Aug 17, 09
CR-CHUM Montreal Diabetes Research Center
Kristi Adamo PhD
Joined: Dec 18, 06
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Roger McIntyre MD, FRCPC
Joined: Feb 10, 06
University of Toronto
Valerie H Taylor MD, PhD Mental Health lead CON
Joined: Dec 09, 05
Women's College - Toronto
Eric Doucet BSc, MSc, PhD
Joined: Nov 30, 05
University of Ottawa
Marni Armstrong PhD (candidate), Cardiovascular Sciences
Joined: Mar 28, 08
University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services
Angela Devlin PhD
Joined: Jan 04, 07
University of British Columbia