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Elizabeth Henry
Joined: Apr 15, 15
Schuyler County Public Health
I am a public health specialist facilitating a group within Schuyler County NY to prevent and reduce obesity.
Marc Wagner
Joined: Apr 15, 15
Enjoy Every Moment Consulting
I am a wellness coach
Robert Dent MDCM
Joined: Apr 15, 15
Ottawa Hospital
In 1992 I established the Weight Management Clinic at the Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa. This multidisciplinary clinic originally had two treatment programs for obesity: a year-long lifestyle modification program, and pharmacotherapy. In 2008 bariatric surgery was added and by 2010 it achieved the Ontario ministry of health designation of “Ottawa Hospital Bariatric Centre of Excellence”. To date we have had 4555 patients through the lifestyle modification program and 2000 thro
Minh-Trang Nguyen
Joined: Apr 14, 15
University of Toronto
I will be a social worker in future. As a future social work, I can help raise awareness of having healthy lifestyle in order to reduce obesity rate in Toronto.
Shona Jackson BHSc (PT)
Joined: Apr 14, 15
Alberta Health Services
I help with the Alberta Healthy Living exercise program. A large number of people who participate have obesity as one of their chronic conditions. It is a challenging area and I'd like to learn more about how to sucessfully coach people to a healthier weight.
Luana Felato
Joined: Apr 14, 15
Peel Public Health
Program Priority: Supportive Environments for Healthy Living Target Audience: Children and Youth (school-age)
Cherith McGregor BSc Nutrition
Joined: Apr 14, 15
Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
As a clinical practice dietitian, many of my referrals come from people wanting to lose weight.
Sharanjeet Kaur
Joined: Apr 14, 15
Region Of Peel - Public Health
Manager at Peel Public Health
Matthew Belviso
Joined: Apr 14, 15
Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital
Member of a health team in an out patient clinic; providing exercise therapy to children and teenagers battling with obesity.
Cecily Alexander BASC Nutrition, MBA
Joined: Apr 13, 15
Independent Advisor
I am writing a book on Healthy Weight. It is almost finished and the name of my book is similar to your workshop title. It is called "Eat less: Easier said than done"
Heather Mair
Joined: Apr 13, 15
Guelph General Hospital
Registered Nurse working in the Surgical Bariatric Clinic at the Guelph General Hospital.
Natalie Ann Chapados Ph.D.
Joined: Apr 13, 15
School of Human Kinetics/Institut de recherche de l'Hôpital Montfort
The main focus of my research program is to elucidate the link between environmental contaminant exposure and the development of non alcoholic fatty liver disease. I also study reversibility, prevention and attenuation effects of exercise training and other therapeutic strategies (nutritional supplementation).
Sheri Ferkl RN (EC), MN, PMNPD, NP-Peads
Joined: Apr 13, 15
Peterborough Regional Health Centre
Director of one of the newly appointment childhood obesity treatment programs in Ontario
Rebecca Ennis
Joined: Apr 13, 15
Maple Family Health Team
Primary Health Care
Benjamin Novak
Joined: Apr 12, 15
Camosun College
3rd year Sport and Fitness Leadership Student
Sarah Jane Ross
Joined: Apr 12, 15
Health Sciences Centre - Winnipeg
Within my role I aim to support folks in their efforts to nurture their health.
Lesley Seto
Joined: Apr 11, 15
McGill University
My interest lies in creating sustainable changes to lifestyle and eating habits to overcome or prevent obesity and related illnesses. Diet and exercise are the primary modifiable risk factors for obesity, but changes in these habits are difficult to attain and maintain. I want to help others create a toolbox of strategies that can help them manage obesity.
Donna Fagan PhD, MSc, B. Voc Ed. B. Sc., RD
Joined: Apr 11, 15
Self Employed Consultant
As a health practitioner in the field of nutrition and dietetics I have counselled clients who are referred by physicians for weight management. I have been enthusiastic in the response to my method of providing probiotics in food and weight loss program. I recommend prebiotics and probiotics sourced from foods for many health issues, including weight management and have been surprisingly delighted with the positive outcomes.
Greg Sarney HBA
Joined: Apr 10, 15
Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research
Obesity is a relevant issue related to my work in raising funds and awareness of dietetic research and its importance.
Trista Tesolin BSc in Nutrition and Food Sciences
Joined: Apr 10, 15
Alberta Health Services
I provide Weight Wise, Diabetes, and Heart Wise classes to groups. I also see clients one-on-one and most of my clients are seeking my services for weight loss/management. Most of my position focuses on chronic disease management. I partner with a Diabetes Wellness Program at my local PCN to provide one-on-one care to diabetes clients of which most are in the obese classes of BMI.
Dolly Singh Doctor of Medicine
Joined: Apr 10, 15
Morningside and Kingston Family Medicine Clinic
Family medicine physician interested in helping my patient population become healthier (community has a high rate of obesity and decreased understanding of the disease).
Zachary Bromberg Fitness and Health Promotion
Joined: Apr 09, 15
I am a personal Trainer interested in both collaborating with other allied health professionals and furthering my education to improve my practice in the prevention and treatment of obesity.
Victor Akande DVM, MSc, MPH
Joined: Apr 09, 15
Government of Nunavut
Interested in strategies, frameworks, and best practices that, if applied or adapted, could contribute to a reduction in the burden of obesity-related chronic diseases in Indigenous populations.
Kate Cole MHSc
Joined: Apr 08, 15
Nestle Canada
Industry and health promotion
Alan MacEachern B.Sc.Kin
Joined: Apr 08, 15
The Ottawa Hospital
Currently employed at The Ottawa Hospital as a Kinesiologist in the Bariatric Center of Excellence.
Anne MacDiarmid BSW, MSW, Res Dip SW
Joined: Apr 08, 15
Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital
OSMH is starting a paediatric obesity program April 2015
Cindy Lewkiw BA
Joined: Apr 08, 15
University of Manitoba
Represent the Division on Planning Committees which choose topics for professional development events for the College of Medicine and Inter-professional activities.
Levi Frehlich BSc (Hons)
Joined: Apr 08, 15
University of Calgary
I recently graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary. The topic of obesity was present throughout my degree and prevention and/or treatment of this disease was touched upon in many of my courses. I myself was first interested in prevention and/or treatment through nutritional intervention and completed an Honours Thesis investigating how dietary patterns of undergraduate students contributed to their weight status. On completion of my thesis I became more interest
Featured Researchers
Marielle Ledoux PhD, DtP
Joined: Nov 14, 06
Université de Montréal
Timothy Jackson BSc, MD, MPH, FRCSC, FACS
Joined: Apr 22, 13
University of Toronto
Angela Alberga BSc, MSc, PhD
Joined: Jan 13, 09
University of Calgary
Catherine S Birken MD, MSc, FRCPC
Joined: Sep 08, 06
Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto
Nooshin Alizadeh B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., RD
Joined: Mar 24, 09
University of British Columbia
Olatunji Anthony Akerele Diploma, BSc and MSc in Nutritional Sciences
Joined: Jan 19, 15
Memorial University, New Foundland
Connie Abram MB, BS
Joined: Feb 27, 13
Canadian Diabetes Association
Akm Alamgir PhD, M Phil, DIH (MPH-IH)
Joined: May 10, 10
St. Michael's Hospital
Kathryn Ambler BSc, MSc
Joined: Feb 14, 08
University of Alberta
Gail Dechman BSc PT, PhD
Joined: Feb 01, 12
Dalhousie Univeristy
Heba Ahmad BSc (Hons with Distinction), Kinesiology
Joined: Dec 24, 11
University of Guelph
Thierry Alquier PhD
Joined: Aug 17, 09
CR-CHUM Montreal Diabetes Research Center