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Jennifer McLaren
Joined: Dec 15, 14
Reh-fit Centre
I am a fitness consultant at a medical fitness facility in Winnipeg. I teach several chronic disease programs including one on weight management.
Manil Chowdhury
Joined: Dec 11, 14
Child & Family Research Institute
I do research involving technology and physical activity promotion.
Carolyn Bridge
Joined: Dec 10, 14
Norquest College
I am currently a Medical Office Asst. I am upgrading myself to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. I am writing a scholarly paper on Obesity as it of great interest to me.
Christine Shaddick
Joined: Dec 10, 14
Copeman Healthcare
I provide one on one nutrition counselling with clients for weight management, and obesity management. I also work closely with physicians, kinesiologists and other health professionals in a collaborative approach to support clients to achieve a healthy weight.
Howard Wu M.D
Joined: Dec 09, 14
Smart Health
Practicing family physician Volunteer for chinese canadian council heart and stroke foundation for 10 years Been helping some adults and children lost weight in my practice Follow transitional lifestyle system Based on 3 principles 1. Low glycemic index eating change with supplementation 3.muscle training
robert manchin
Joined: Dec 09, 14
europa nova research
doing social research on wellbeing and obesity
Rosy Fournier
Joined: Dec 08, 14
University of Ottawa
Project for obesity week.
Rosy Fournier
Joined: Dec 08, 14
University of Ottawa
Project for obesity week.
Jodie Asselin
Joined: Dec 08, 14
University of Alberta
General Interest
Corrine James N/a
Joined: Dec 08, 14
Alberta Health Serivces
I currently work as a Registered Nurse in a Bariatric clinic that provides both lifestyle and surgery options for patients.
Joanna Lynch
Joined: Dec 07, 14
My interest is the high incidence of obesity among individuals living with mental illness.
Evelyn Cheng
Joined: Dec 07, 14
University of Alberta
Currently in practicum at the Calgary Weight Management Center. Have always enjoyed working with a multidisciplinary team in addressing patients' health concerns and have a strong interest in preventative health care.
Melissa Ashman
Joined: Dec 05, 14
Cancer Prevention Centre
I am passionate about science communication, and have more than a decade of experience in strategic communications, partnership-building, and knowledge translation in an academic health and science research setting. I work in the area of cancer prevention, and obesity is a risk factor for several types of cancer.
Helen Cooper BA (Hons) RN. Diploma in Asthma care
Joined: Dec 05, 14
Calgary Fothills PCN
I am employed by the Calgary Fothills PCN as a Health Management Nurse, mainly dealing with chronic disease. Obesity is a large contributary factor for chronic disease and I see many patients with Obesity and co morbidities associated with excess weight.
Alex Looky
Joined: Dec 05, 14
Fat's How we roll
Interested in body autonomy politics Interested in informing more patients on how to advocate for appropriate obesity health care
Christine Mountney PhD
Joined: Dec 05, 14
Health Canada
Scientific evaluator of therapeutic products that act on the central nervous system. I have a special interest in therapeutics for the treatment of obesity.
Sadaf Siddique MBBS, FCPS
Joined: Dec 04, 14
University of Calgary
I come across patients dealing with obesity or needing counseling around weight management in my Family Medicine clinic and I think it's pertinent to my training as a resident as well as future practice as a Family doctor to know how to manage obesity.
Crissy Stavrakov BSN
Joined: Dec 04, 14
Interior Health Authority
Involved in chronic disease management in a rural community
Monica Sesma-Vazquez BSc, MSc, PhD in Psychology
Joined: Dec 04, 14
University of Calgary
I am a Mexican individual and family therapist, currently a postdoctoral scholar at University of Calgary. I was a Professor at the Universidad de las Americas, Universidad de Londres and Alliant International University in Mexico City before moving to Canada. I worked for several years at one of the most important private hospitals in my country, Hospital Medica Sur, within the Eating Disorders Clinic, as a family therapist. Currently, my research projects focus on social justice and family the
Sharon Sullivan BsC
Joined: Dec 03, 14
Halton Healthcare Services
I am a diabetes educator who sees clients every day struggling with their weight.
Jennifer Clary Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Food Science
Joined: Dec 02, 14
Edmonton West Primary Care Network
I am intersted in how environmental factors influence obesity and I counsel patients on nutrition and weight mangement in a primary care setting.
Stephanie Fusnik
Joined: Dec 02, 14
University of Saskatchewan
I am currently a personal trainer and am finishing up my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. I have had quite a few clients who are over weight or obese and would love how to talk about the issue more with them and help them successfully maintain a healthy physically active lifestyle to obtain a higher quality of life.
Paul Woolley BA, BEd, MDiv
Joined: Dec 02, 14
Intellectus Technology Group Inc
My interest comes that I have a desire to use the art of instruction and storytelling by way of film documentary as a positive force assisting with the present obesity crisis.
Heather Charanek COMT, PT, AFLCA
Joined: Dec 01, 14
Respiratory Homecare Solutions
Currently, I represent Respiratory Homecare Solutions clinics where we assess, diagnose and treat snoring, sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. I also hold PT and AFLCA certifications in the health and fitness industry. Obesity is a major risk factor for a number of chronic diseases such as OSA, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and I feel that as an organization we need to take the initiative encourage patients to sustain a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight. This will help r
Annika Treffner BSc
Joined: Dec 01, 14
AMT Nutrition Consulting
A number of my clients struggle with obesity. It is important to me that the information that I provide is useful as well as helpful. I want my clients leave my office feeling better about themselves when they leave than when they walked in.
Nancy Favaro BASc.
Joined: Dec 01, 14
Guelph General Hospital
I have been a Registered Dietitian for 35 years and have provided nutrition counselling to Bariatric surgery patients for the past 21 years.
Enid Melendez Masters Health Sc.Nutrition
Joined: Dec 01, 14
Private Practice
I am a Registered Dietitian in Private Practice and the vast majority of patients that I see are Pre Diabetic,Diabetic, Overweight and/or Obese .I have a Masters Degree in Health Science with a concentration in Nutrition and having come from a School of Public Health I try to teach and educate my patients towward healthy lifestyle changes however I see their frustrations at each attempt to loose weight. I am a "follower"of Dr. Sharma's articles and one of these has brought me here to this site
Charles Mosse fracs
Joined: Nov 30, 14
I am a Bariatric Surgeon, and a Director of HPB Surgery
Featured Researchers
Connie Abram MB, BS
Joined: Feb 27, 13
Canadian Diabetes Association
Stasia Hadjiyannakis BSc, MD
Joined: Feb 20, 07
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Akm Alamgir PhD, M Phil, DIH (MPH-IH)
Joined: May 10, 10
St. Michael's Hospital
Kathryn Ambler BSc, MSc
Joined: Feb 14, 08
University of Alberta
Gail Dechman BSc PT, PhD
Joined: Feb 01, 12
Dalhousie Univeristy
Heba Ahmad BSc (Hons with Distinction), Kinesiology
Joined: Dec 24, 11
University of Guelph
Thierry Alquier PhD
Joined: Aug 17, 09
CR-CHUM Montreal Diabetes Research Center
Kristi Adamo PhD
Joined: Dec 18, 06
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Roger McIntyre MD, FRCPC
Joined: Feb 10, 06
University of Toronto
Valerie H Taylor MD, PhD Mental Health lead CON
Joined: Dec 09, 05
Women's College - Toronto
Eric Doucet BSc, MSc, PhD
Joined: Nov 30, 05
University of Ottawa
Marni Armstrong PhD (candidate), Cardiovascular Sciences
Joined: Mar 28, 08
University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services