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Adriana Cimo
Joined: Nov 18, 14
London InterCommunity Health Centre
Working with clients who are at risk for or who have prediabetes or diabetes, weight loss tends to be a large focus for many of my clients. While making diet and lifestyle changes has been helpful for many clients, I have also noticed that some clients do not continue to follow-up leaving me to assume that it is because the recommendations and plan were not adequate to help them. By joining the Canadian Obesity Network, I am hoping to increase the success for clients - if not for weight loss the
Sofia Kalamaris
Joined: Nov 18, 14
I am currently a Registered Dietitian working in Diabetes education. I frequently see and help patients with obesity and would like to keep up to date with the latest in obesity research and new methods that may help my patients.
Kate Croft
Joined: Nov 18, 14
St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton
I am an Occupational Therapist working with clients to promote health and well-being by facilitating engagement in occupations of everyday life including addressing occupational performance issues in the areas of self-care, productivity and leisure.
Yuko Onosato B Kinesiology
Joined: Nov 17, 14
Pro Physio Holland Cross
I am a kinesiologist and exercise physiologist. I am passionate about chronic disease prevention. I am trying to find a way to reach people and help out people who need help with exercise. From small advice to modifying exercise.
Stephanie Sirard
Joined: Nov 17, 14
Universite de Sherbrooke
Obesity paradox
Carlos Nogueira-De-Almeida Md, MSc, PhD
Joined: Nov 17, 14
Md, MsC, PhD. Despite having started my career as a doctor in clinical practice and as an academic teacher at the university, in recent years I have dedicated myself to work closely with medical associations and companies. My main goal is to help the dissemination of scientific updated content, within the areas of food and nutrition, in order to aggregate knowledge to health professionals, KOL and industrial managers, that can be applied to improve the health of people and to aprimorate food and
Kimberly Wrubleski
Joined: Nov 17, 14
Calgary West Central PCN / AHS FMC ER Registered nurse 16 years. Background medicine and acute care ER. Currently working Chronic Disease Management. Professional interest in Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome.
Rosalie Kassen Bachelor of Nursing
Joined: Nov 17, 14
Alberta Health Services
Working as a nurse on different units at the hospital, both as a student and registered nurse I have encountered obesity in many settings. Although, I do not have much direct involvement with addressing obesity, I am very interested in learning more about how to do so. I would like to learn how address the social stigma associated with excess weight and how we as health care professionals can approach the issue for obesity and how we can improve access to prevention and treatment resources.
Noorani Ramji
Joined: Nov 16, 14
interested in diabetes management
Charles Khazzam MDCM
Joined: Nov 16, 14
Cree Health Board
Physician treating increasing amounts of obesity and its complications with diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, knee replacements, osteoarthritis
Kimberly Johnstone AdvancedDiploma Physical Fitness Management
Joined: Nov 16, 14
Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology
A large portion of clients are within the obesity classification for body composition. I am interested resources and tips on how to properly treat and prevent obesity.
Karl Stobbe
Joined: Nov 15, 14
McMaster University
rural family doctor for 20 years; now responsible for the operation and development of the Niagara Regional Campus of McMaster's Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine.
GM Khuu
Joined: Nov 14, 14
University of Manitoba
Elaine Moran Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Joined: Nov 14, 14
Treasured Child Publications
I am an author, wellness visionary, weight loss counselor, and health blogger on a mission to help heal the obesity epidemic by giving people the tools they need to gain optimum health and live more vibrant lives.
John Paterson
Joined: Nov 14, 14
University of Alberta
Primary care obesity prevention, assessment and management.
Samantha Larose MSc Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Joined: Nov 14, 14
Alberta Health Services
I recently graduated from Western University with a Masters of Science degree in Epidemiology where I completed a thesis on the impact of obesity among women in Canada. My research explored why some women are more likely to be obese than others while also exploring the effects of being obese on labour market outcomes. I am also very interested in the social determinants of health and how they impact our overall health and well-being, which is what I hope my future research can focus on. Outsid
Alaa Haddad MB ChB, MD, CCRA
Joined: Nov 14, 14
Ankawa Specialized Medical Center
I am a General Practitioner in Erbil, Iraq. I am practicing full-scope Family Medicine with special interest in managing patients with obesity, which is one of the top health issues worldwide. Currently, I work as a part of the bariatric surgery team at Soran Hospital in Erbil, Iraq. My main role is to perform preoperative assessment, postoperative care and rehabilitation.
Jennifer Kent
Joined: Nov 13, 14
ANTIBODY Healthcare Communications
Relatively new to the area. Will likely be involved (providing writing assistance) in the development of educational programs for Canadian physicians and pharmacists.
karen gough
Joined: Nov 13, 14
the nutrition resource centre, opha
work at health promotion resource centre
Pam Hayduk
Joined: Nov 13, 14
Alberta Health Services
I have been working as a Registered Nurse with the Edmonton Adult Bariatric Specialty Clinic since Jan 2012 as a case manager, assisting patients withe lifestyle management and/or working towards bariatric surgery. I have recently taken a new role as triage nurse in the clinic working on improving accessabilty and decreasing wait times for entry into the clinic
Stan Anderson MD
Joined: Nov 13, 14
Jackson Family Practice
I am a family physician and I treat obesity aggressively.
Sylvie Fournier diploma in nursing
Joined: Nov 13, 14
Plantagenet FHT
i work with patients with diabetes and a lot of them are obese
Petra O'Connell
Joined: Nov 13, 14
Alberta Health Services
I am the Executive Director, Diabetes, Obesity & Nutrition Strategic Clinical Network
Thomas Bronaugh Doctor of medicine
Joined: Nov 13, 14
Seaside Medical Clinic
Our family practice has initiated a preventive medicine focus and we believe that obesity management and a healthy approach to longevity is key for a healthy lifestyle. We have started a followup program to help guide our patients on this path. This is a challenge and we realize our success will start out small, but hopefully we can build from there and our patients will be healthy for it.
Daddy Matthews
Joined: Nov 13, 14
Dept of Health
I do community dietetics and help communities in fighting obesity
Julian Yabut
Joined: Nov 12, 14
McMaster University
I am currently an undergraduate student in the Honours Biology & Pharmacology Program at McMaster University. I am interested in interventions and mechanisms underlying the diseases of Type II Diabetes and Obesity and have recently joined Dr. Gregory Steinberg's research endeavours at McMaster. I am presently finishing my undergraduate degree and plan to graduate May 2015. I also plan to return to the Steinberg lab to start my Master's in Science starting in May 2015. In my spare time, I am a fi
Andrea Scrivener B.Sc. and M.Sc. (in progress)
Joined: Nov 12, 14
University of Guelph
I am currently completing a Master's Degree of Science in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences and Neuroscience. My research focuses on motor learning and training paradigms relation to balance. I am also a R.Kin. on Inactive status while attending school. As an R.Kin. I recognize the benefits of exercise in preventing obesity and related diseases and impairments.
Vanessa Smykalski BSc Human Kinetics Minor Health Sciences
Joined: Nov 12, 14
As a recent graduate from St. Francis Xavier University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Kinetics, I am always looking for different opportunities to promote health and happiness. Playing on the Women’s Varsity Soccer team at St. Francis Xavier University I have continued to learn the importance of balancing exercising, eating properly, and living a good social life. I have also learned through many courses and life experiences the importance of living an active lifestyle.
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Stasia Hadjiyannakis BSc, MD
Joined: Feb 20, 07
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Akm Alamgir PhD, M Phil, DIH (MPH-IH)
Joined: May 10, 10
St. Michael's Hospital
Kathryn Ambler BSc, MSc
Joined: Feb 14, 08
University of Alberta
Gail Dechman BSc PT, PhD
Joined: Feb 01, 12
Dalhousie Univeristy
Heba Ahmad BSc (Hons with Distinction), Kinesiology
Joined: Dec 24, 11
University of Guelph
Thierry Alquier PhD
Joined: Aug 17, 09
CR-CHUM Montreal Diabetes Research Center
Kristi Adamo PhD
Joined: Dec 18, 06
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Roger McIntyre MD, FRCPC
Joined: Feb 10, 06
University of Toronto
Valerie H Taylor MD, PhD Mental Health lead CON
Joined: Dec 09, 05
Women's College - Toronto
Eric Doucet BSc, MSc, PhD
Joined: Nov 30, 05
University of Ottawa
Paula Brauer PhD
Joined: Jul 03, 06
University of Guelph
Marni Armstrong PhD (candidate), Cardiovascular Sciences
Joined: Mar 28, 08
University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services