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Heatherington, Melanie - University of Alberta (Res. Asst/Professional)
I have recently started working as the Study Coordinator for the 5AsT Intervention Project...

Edmonton (ID#:16634 joined:Apr30,15 updated:Apr30,15)
Ng, Paula - Lakeridge Health (Dietitian)
I work with patients, adolescents and adults, with eating disorders who struggle with weight, body image issues, and mental health issues as well as weight prejudices. I'm interested in promoting a wellness message that can bridge disorder eating me...

Toronto (ID#:13951 joined:Jun13,13 updated:Dec16,14)
Selwood, Erin - Alberta Health Services (Kinesiologist)
I work in an exercise setting with an obese population....

Calgary (ID#:14301 joined:Oct07,13 updated:Oct07,13)
Aarts, Mary-Anne - Toronto East General Hospital / University of Toronto (Surgeon)
Bariatric surgeon. I am interested in patient perceptions of bariatric surgery and barriers to referral for bariatric surgery. I am also interested in best options for follow-up care post bariatric surgery. ...

Toronto (ID#:14538 joined:Nov25,13 updated:Nov25,13)
Abate, Rachelle - Southlake Regional Hospital (Dietitian)
I am a dietitian working in the diabetes education center in Newmarket ontario. ...

Newmarket (ID#:12097 joined:Jun26,12 updated:Mar20,13)
Abbas, Maher - Alkamal hospital (Physician)
Pedaitric and adolescent obesity , prevention and management...

Damascus (ID#:5615 joined:Jun09,09 updated:Sep07,16)
Abbasi, Ana - Aurora Bariatric Clinic (Dietitian)
I help my clients improve dietary intake and stabilize eating patterns to help them meet their weight loss goals. I work with them to improve weight related co-morbidities and prevent chronic illnesses related to obesity....

Aurora (ID#:19793 joined:Sep20,17 updated:Sep20,17)
Abbasi, Sarwat - George Washington University, Washington DC (Public Health)
Currently working on National Data (USA) on childhood obesity as my thesis for MPH....

Washington DC (ID#:6009 joined:Oct03,09 updated:Oct03,09)
Abbey, Susan - University Health Network (Physician)
Medical psychiatry working with transplant and cardiovascular populations. ...

Toronto (ID#:4014 joined:Jun27,08 updated:Jun27,08)
Abbott, A - Physical and Health Education Canada (NGO)
Our organizational vision is that "All Canadian children and youth living physically active and healthy lives." Working with other groups to fit the childhood obesity crisis facing children is in our interest. Physical and Health Education Canada...

Ottawa (ID#:4714 joined:Dec11,08 updated:Jun13,16)
Abbott, Sally - Heart of England (Dietitian)
I am a specialist registered dietitian in weight management and bariatric surgery, in the UK...

Birmingham (ID#:19219 joined:Mar01,17 updated:Mar01,17)
Abbott-Simons, Linda - StreetStrider.ca (Other)
I am the Canadian distributor for StreetStrider (an elliptical machine on wheels) The StreetStrider has been used very successfully for weight loss by obese people. It is my mission to make a DIFFERENCE in the health and well-being of others. Look...

Kelowna (ID#:10433 joined:Nov08,11 updated:Nov08,11)
Abboud, Tony - Sembiosys Genetics (Industry)
SemBioSys is developing insulin to serve the expanding diabetes market and to facilitate the commercialization of alternative insulin delivery technologies. Until recently, insulin could only be administered through injection; however, with the rece...

Calgary (ID#:1429 joined:Nov16,06 updated:Apr23,07)
Abdalla, Beelal - University of Calgary (Resident)
Family Medicine Resident with goal of becoming more proficient in assessing and managing patient's with obesity appropriately....

Calgary (ID#:19769 joined:Sep14,17 updated:Sep14,17)
Abdallah, Omar - Unified Care Ltd, London, UK (Public Health)
Working with Mental Health/Learning Disability/ Autism patients who are obese and at risk of becoming obese ...

London (ID#:19553 joined:Jun12,17 updated:Jun12,17)
Abdallah, Sara - McGill University (Student)
I'm interested in the effects of obesity on the respiratory system in health and COPD. ...

Montreal (ID#:15452 joined:Sep03,14 updated:Sep15,14)
Abday, Theresa - Alberta Health Services (Administration/Program Coordinator)
I have a bachelor's degree in nutrition with a minor in physical activity. My professional career began in research with a provincial study called REAL Kids Alberta (Raising healthy Eating and Active Living Kids). I travelled the province of Alberta...

Edmonton (ID#:16003 joined:Jan09,15 updated:Jan09,15)
Abdel Malek, Tamer - Dr. Tamer Adbel Malek centre (Occupational/Physical Therapist)
it's my pleasure to help my patients to achieve their target body weight...

Minya Al Qamh (ID#:18591 joined:Aug19,16 updated:Aug19,16)
Abdelaal, Ashraf - Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University (Occupational/Physical Therapist)
Dr. Abdelaal has completed his PhD at the age of 32 years from Cairo University. He is now a staff member at Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University. He has published more than 14 papers in reputed journals, has been serving as a reviewer for m...

Cairo, Giza (ID#:17452 joined:Oct31,15 updated:Nov01,15)
Abdel-Bary, Moma - Allina Helath (Physician)
I am a Canadian family doctor that moved to Minneapolis , I have a lot of obese patient in my practice , I am working with them to help them loose weight , I am counseling about diet and exercise and also using medications...

Fridley (ID#:19021 joined:Jan03,17 updated:Jan06,17)
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