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New app from Dietitians of Canada serves up daily healthy eating tips

Dietitians of Canada just made it easier for Canadians to eat healthy everyday. The group has released eaTipster - a free iPhone app designed to serve up a new healthy eating tip every day. The app is available in English and French at

"Our new app will address common questions, such as is coconut oil really better, along with tips to increase your vegetable intake, support a healthy weight and more,"  says Janice Macdonald, Registered Dietitian and Director of Communications with Dietitians of Canada.

What can you do with the eaTipster healthy eating tips?

Get Them: Set daily reminders to receive new daily tips when you want them. 
Read Them: Each tip is fortified with extra details backed by research.
Savour Them: Add tips to your favourites to digest later.
Serve Them: Dish up tips to your friends, share on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and text.