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The 2014 Canadian Student Obesity Meeting was a great success, thanks to our Student and New Professional network planning committee and volunteers, our speakers and conference supporters and especially to our hosts at the University of Waterloo. See you in 2016! 
  • Best Masters Poster Presentation - Dishay Jiandani, York University, Toronto, ON "Predictors of early attrition in patients attending an obesity-management program"
  • Honourable Mention Masters Poster Presentation - Michael Fung, York University, Toronto, ON "Receptivity to bariatric surgery in obese patients" 
  • Best PhD Poster Presentation - Cassandra Lowe, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON
  • Honourable Mention PhD Poster Presentation - Rachel Laxer, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON 
  • Best Poster Presentation (Other-New Professional)- Nathalie Dumas, Quebec Heart and Lung University Institute, Quebec, QC
  • Honourable Mention Poster Presentation (Other-Undergraduate) - Kathleen Dobson, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON
  • Best Masters Oral Presentation - Kendra Lester, Memorial University, St.John's, NFLD
  • Honourable Mention Masters Oral Presentation - Isabelle Messa, Univ Waterloo, Waterloo, ON
  • Best PhD Oral Presentation - Iris Levine, U Waterloo, Waterloo, ON 
  • Honourable Mention PhD Oral Presentation - Lana Vanderlee, U Waterloo, Waterloo ON
  • Best Oral Presentation (Other-New Professional)- Angela Alberga, Univ. of Calgary, Calgary AB
  • Honourable Mention (Other-New Professional) Oral Presentation-Zachary Ferraro, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa, ON
  • Chapter Champion Award- CON-SNP University of Waterloo
  • Rising Star Award -Taryn Orava, Univ of Waterloo 
  • Dr. Ian Janssen Award- Matthew Orava, Univ of Toronto, Toronto, ON 
  • Dr. Michael Lyon Travel Award - Jessica McNeil, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON