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Upcoming Events

2015 Weight Management DPG Symposium - April 17-19, 2015 Portland, OR
Are you looking to explore your own practice in collecting research outcomes or want to understand the new rules in nutrition services reimbursement?
European Congress on Obesity - May 6-9, 2015
ECO2015, the 22nd European Congress on Obesity, will take place in Prague, Czech Republic from 6-9 May 2015. The ECO will be hosted by EASO and the Czech Society for the Study of Obesity (CSSO). Further information will be available in due course.
The XIII International Conference on Obesity, May 1-4, 2016 Vancouver, Canada
The XIII International Conference on Obesity will be held in Vancouver, Canada, in May 2016. Please contact for more information. All tracks will encompass the full life course.
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