A d v e r t i s e m e n t


Brian Trainor

I first realized at the tender age of 4 that I was not a normal sized child. My mother had ordered clothes for me from the Christmas catalogue in size “HUSKY”. By Gr. 5 I was the only one in my class to top 100 lbs. and the weight followed me like a thick, mushy blanket the rest of my life providing, at times, a big body; a buffer against the harsh words so commonly tossed at those of us suffering from obesity, while at other times acting as a constant reminder of my failings as dictated by society. It’s because of these erroneous, and for the most part, false societal expectations that I come to CON with an overarching desire to stop the accepted practise of “Fat Shaming” so prevalent online, and offline today. Words are weapons. Words hurt. So do uneducated attitudes and assumptions. Change is my passion and as a professional public speaker, I’ve educated tens of thousands at conferences, conventions, and seminars on the dangers of bullying, cyberbullying, fraud, scams, workplace harassment and obesity shaming. Any type of harassment can lead to long term harm including depression, anxiety and low self-esteem all of which can lead to suicide of which I speak to frequently at our Indigenous community schools.