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Balancing the Scales: Promoting healthy weight management without blame or shame. (live drama/video)

Lead: Sara FL Kirk, Dalhousie University

Team members: Megan Aston, Janet Curran, Renee Lyons, Sheri Price, Laurene Rehman, Helena Piccinini Vallis, Michael Vallis 

Funded by: Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation (project grant) and Canadian Institutes of Health Research (dissemination grant)

There is an expectation that obesity management falls within the domain of the health system, yet there is evidence that obesity management practices are sub-optimal. This project examined the experiences of individuals living with obesity; the perceptions of heath care providers and the role of social, institutional and political structures, in the assessment and management of obesity. The narratives we heard were very powerful, and have subsequently been developed into a dramatic presentation, depicting the relationship between a health professional and an individual living with obesity, with both internal dialogue (directed at the audience) and external dialogue (directed at each other). These dialogues highlight the spoken and unspoken tensions that were identified by our participants. This dramatic presentation has been incorporated into a three-hour interprofessional workshop for health professionals, called Behind the Scenes, that is designed to raise awareness of the tensions identified through this study and stimulate discussion on how health professionals can modify their language to offer a more supportive experience to individuals living with obesity. Early data from piloting suggests that this workshop offers a powerful medium to raise awareness of these tensions and provoke constructive dialogue to address them.

For further information, please contact Sara.Kirk@dal.ca 

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