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Take a Short Survey: Development of a Self-Efficacy Scale Specific to the Initiation of Discussions About Gestational Weight Gain

Dear Colleague,

Many of us who provide prenatal care find it challenging at times to start up a discussion about gestational weight gain. The literature shows that we have a number of potential barriers to starting these conversations, including a fear of offending our patients, lack of time, etc. I am interested in developing a scale to measure our self-efficacy around this issue. In order to do so, I need to tap into your experience and expertise.

As the Principal Investigator, I would really appreciate it if you could complete a questionnaire that will take you LESS than 5 minutes to complete (I’ve timed a friend). 

Thanks so much,

Helena Piccinini-Vallis MD CCFP
Principal Investigator
Dalhousie Family Medicine