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Student and New Professional Initiative Gets an Online Makeover

Over the last couple of months the CON-SNP website has undergone some new, and exciting, updates. In order to improve communication within the CON-SNP community, and to allow for more regular updates, we have transitioned to a blog style newsletter. The new SNP Blog will contain a monthly message from the CON-SNP National Executive, along with blog posts written by our community of students and new professionals. 

In addition, the SNP Blog will showcase the hard work and dedication of the CON-SNP chapters and individual SNP members with regular chapter and SNP spotlights. 

Did you know that the CON-SNP National Executive has implemented a new Chapter Event Grant, which can be used to fund any CON-SNP chapter event? To learn more about this new grant, or to browse all the awards and grants available to CON-SNP chapters and individual SNP members, please visit the Awards and Grants tab

Also, make sure to visit the Chapter Events tab to stay up to date with all the incredible events being hosted by the CON-SNP chapters. 

So, during your next break, or the next time you are browsing the internet, make sure to take a few minutes to check out all of these updates on the CON-SNP website. 

If you would like to advertise an upcoming event, highlight the work of an exceptional SNP, or contribute a blog post, please contact the CON-SNP National Communications Director Cassandra Lowe at c2lowe[at]uwaterloo.ca.