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5As for Pediatric Obesity Management

Experts at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Centre for Healthy Active Living adapted the the 5As of Obesity Management for adults into a family centred approach to managing pediatric obesity in primary care.  

If you are health professional working with families and children, be sure to check out CONversation Cards, created by Dr. Geoff Ball and his team at the Pediatric Centre for Weight and Health in Edmonton, AB. They are award-winning conversation starters designed to help parents identify the biggest challenges they face when addressing issues related to their children's weight and health. 
The 5As of Pediatric Obesity Management professional toolkit includes a practitioner's checklist, patient tear-off pad, a desktop tool to facilitate discussions on weight with patients, and a practitioner's guide to incorporating the 5As into daily practice. Click below to head to the CON Store to order your copies today. 
Copies of the Practitioner Guide are available through the CON Store

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5As of Obesity Management by Canadian Obesity Network is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on work at www.obesitynetwork.ca.

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