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3rd Canadian Obesity Summit: Award Winners

Recognizing research excellence is a key part of what CON does, and the successful 3rd Canadian Obesity Summit put the spotlight on some of Canada's best and brightest minds. Congratulations to the winners!  

Pictured (from left to right): CON-SNP Faculty Supervisor Award winner Dr. Ian Janssen (Queen's University), CON-RCO Distinguished Lecturer Award winner Dr. Jean-Pierre Després (Université Laval), TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) New Investigator Award winner Dr. Valerie Taylor (Women's College Hospital), Barbara Cady (TOPS), Sandra Seidlitz (TOPS) and Dr. Arya Sharma (CON-RCO Scientific Director). 

CON-RCO Distinguished Lecturer Award

Dr. Jean-Pierre Després, Universite Laval

TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) New Investigator Award

Dr. Valerie Taylor, Toronto Women's College Hospital

Behavioural Obesity Research Award

C.H.A.M.P. Families: A Qualitative Investigation of Health Professionals’ Views of and Suggestions for the Development of a Caregiver-Focused Childhood Obesity Intervention     
Gillian Mandich- Western University

CON-SNP Rising Star

Angela Alberga, University of Ottawa

CON-SNP Champion Award

McMaster University CON-SNP

CON-SNP Faculty Supervisor Award

Dr. Ian Janssen, Queen's University

Masters Poster

Understanding the Factors Related to Parental Vegetable and Fruit Preparation and Child Vegetable and Fruit Consumption    
David Trill- University of Victoria

PhD Poster

A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Immigrant Status and its Relation to Obesity Among Canadian Youth        
Atif Kukaswadia - Queen's University

New Professional Poster

Impacts of Excess Skin on the Practice of Physical Activity in Women After Massive Weight Loss        
Aurélie Baillot - Service d'endocrinologie, CHUS

Masters Oral

Physical Activity Intensity and Adiposity in Overweight Youth: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Jacqueline Hay- University of Winnipeg

PhD Oral

Dysfunctional Cardiac Lipid Metabolism in Cystathionine-Beta-Synthase Deficient Mice with Obesity-related Cardiac Lipotoxicity
Melissa Glier - University of British Columbia

New Professional Oral

Uncoupling protein 1 Positive Adipocytes of Human Epicardial Adipose Tissue are Brite in Nature
Kanta Chechi - Universite Laval