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Kicking off 2015-2016

Dear SNPs,

Can you believe it’s already November?! Even though you haven’t heard from us yet, this year’s National CON SNP Team has been working together for over two months already. It’s about time we update you on some of our progress.

This year, our efforts will be focused on engaging SNPs online through our website and social media, organizing various networking opportunities for SNPs at the 2016 International Congress on Obesity in Vancouver May 1-4, creating useful and easily accessible resources for chapters such as recruitment materials, writing tips, and grant and award forms, promoting chapter events, holding leadership workshops, and much more. We are so excited to support SNP leaders across Canada over the coming months.

My job as Communications Director specifically involves updating the SNP webpage, coordinating blog and news posts, and working closely with other Exec members on various projects. But as a SNP myself, I think another big part of my job is listening to the perspectives of SNPs across Canada. I see CON SNPs as a growing community of individuals sharing similar interests, and as an exec member I hope to facilitate engagement between SNPs in any way possible.

Even if you’re super busy, please stay tuned throughout the year for different ways to get involved.

Congrats all SNP Chapters that have held events already this year:

On September 21st there was a talk by Thiru Kanagasabai from Con-Snp York about the relationship between obesity and sleep.

In London, ON, CON SNP Western kick started the year with a talk by Dr. Shauna Burke about healthy living for students.

On October 6th, CON-YYZ held it's inaugural networking with guest speaker Dr. Arya Sharma.

On October 20th,  Con-York presented a talk about the obesity paradox by Dr. Robert Tsushima.

Mark Your Calendars: Upcoming Events

Join the Calgary chapter of the Canadian Obesity Network for "Time to Act on Obesity". Don't miss out on your chance to collaborate, provide input and help to tackle this important public health concern.

Did we miss you? Tag CON-SNP on Facebook and Twitter in your upcoming events so we can spread the word with you!

Wishing you all the best this fall,


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